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YouTube Star Brittani Boren Leach Buries Child In A White Dress

Unsplash | Brittani Burns
By Favour

YouTube star, Brittani Boren Leach is still giving updates on how she is feeling after the tragic death of her 3-months-old son. Recently, she revealed that Crew had on a white dress, that was made from her wedding gown. This was the outfit he was laid to rest in. She went further to reveal that the little one was buried with one of his favorite toys, given to him by his older siblings.

This was no doubt the saddest day of her life, and she poured out her heart via Instagram.

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A child sees farther on her father’s shoulders
Unsplash | Brittani Burns

In her Instagram post, Leach shared a lovely throwback photo of her carrying Crew on her chest, and though he was completely covered, it was obvious that he was asleep. Leach revealed on Friday that she wished she could still hold him in her arms just like she did in the picture. She also mentioned that she always carried Crew in that wrap because he felt very peaceful and comfortable in it.

Leach is without a doubt one of the strongest mothers on earth, and she is handling this loss the best way she can.

A beautiful image of a child sleeping and he looks so peaceful
Unsplash | Peter Oslanec

After speaking about the burial, Leach also offered advice to parents out there.

"Take all the pictures, forget about the laundry, forget the dishes. It really doesn't matter. Just love your babies, breathe in their scent, memorize their smile and love them really really hard."

Leach also revealed that her other children though still little, have been very supportive and she is very proud of them.

Baby Crew was found not breathing and rushed to the hospital immediately, where the Doctors revealed that he had suffered brain damage. After his death, they decided to donate his organs to save other children in the world.

A mother holding her child close to her chest to feel the rhythm of her heartbeat
Gettyimages | Halfpoint Images

One of the hardest things to go through in life as a parent, is the loss of a child, as it breaks you from within. There are several couples in the world today who are finding it hard to come back from that experience, as they do not know how to continue living their lives after facing that tragic experience. This is why marriage specialists implore parents who are going through this experience, to seek the help of therapists or counselors. Usually, people feel better when they can talk about how they feel without hesitation.


Another important thing that specialists recommend for people going through this ordeal, is being around family and friends. It is at a person's lowest points in life that friends and family become very important and essential. Being around family and friends will not only help you move on, but it will also help you feel loved and appreciated.

In truth, there is nothing easy about this sad experience, but everyone going through it has to know that they will be fine at the end. For this, we are wishing Brittani Boren and her family the best as they go through this sad times.

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