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Salma Hayek's Best Moments on Instagram

Gettyimages | Gotham
By Stephanie Elmir

Salma Hayek is a social media savant and her Instagram is the purest evidence. The starlet stays connected with fans while keeping in touch with other artists. Moreover, she'll post pictures of glitzy events with castmates, and lends a hand to marketing by promoting her films in the best way.

Moreover, as a Mexican born actress, she writes her posts in English and Spanish, extending her reach internationally. With 13.4 million followers, Hayek is keeping up with technology and looking great while doing it.

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Self Love


Salma Hayek is 53 years old. Yes, this insanely beautiful woman is 53 years old and still looking like she's in her thirties. Her selfies are a celebration of her youthful soul and positivity.

Often times, Hayek will post pictures or selfies of herself without makeup and in front of idyllic backgrounds. Especially on her downtime, in between films, she'll take pictures with her family. It's so natural, she's an actress, but she's also a person, making herself relatable to fans through posts.

Cast Mates and Promotional Tours

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Hayek has been in films for a while now, an internationally acclaimed and Hollywood legend. That said, she's the first to jump online and post happy birthday messages to her old castmates and friends.

Moreover, she loves taking pictures with current castmates, her feed currently sporting the cast of "Like a Boss" and "Eternals". Hayek is smart enough to know that Instagram is free press for her films. Even shoutouts to current cast members are a fun way to stay relevant and active in her own exposure.

Fan Art

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin

Hayek loves connecting with her fans, and she does that by posting fan art done by them. Better still, she credits the artists and thanks to them publicly, giving them a platform to be seen by her 13.4 million followers.

From a Simpson version of "From Dusk Til Dawn" to the cover of Taylor Swift's "Lover" being redone with Hayek's face, her following has done her good. The responses on Instagram are also overwhelmingly positive, connecting artists with a common post.



The throwbacks are mainly of Hayek's pictures and films from the nineties, creating a nostalgic vibe on her Instagram page. This builds a bridge between her hardcore fans to her newer Gen Z fans. Moreover, she does throwbacks with old castmates, dredging up old photos.

Sometimes, Hayek posts throwbacks from her work in the eighties as a Mexican novella star. Either way, she showcases the triumphs in her life and career, not at all shy to brag about them today.

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