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Billie Eilish takes a swimsuit shower

Billie Eilish's Swimsuit Shower Video Launches Sexualization Debate, Hits 43,000 Comments

Billie Eilish/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

It's been less than 24 hours since Billie Eilish near-broke the internet by revealing her body in a swimsuit (and doing it more than once). The 18-year-old singer took to Instagram on Friday to share a batch of photos and videos from her Hawaii trip, giving fans the inside scoop on everything from her zip-lining to a sizzling outdoor shower.

The footage of Billie throwing her head back while taking in shower spray in a clingy and soaking-wet swimsuit has launched a massive series of debates over in the comments section – then again, these could also pertain to the snaps of a bikini-clad Billie enjoying a boat ride.

Swipe right here for the videos and full gallery.

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'I Hate To See These Guys Sexualizing Billie'

Billie Eilish takes a swimsuit shower
Billie Eilish/Instagram

Early responses to Billie's post were documented by The Blast, with some fans already predicting that the "bad guy"singer would wind up sexualized.

There's been a lot of progress since those comments – over 43,000 responses have now been left.

A comment receiving over 3,100 likes got things going.

"Here come the "Billies 18 now" comments lmao."

"And that's how a hot girl do it" was spotted in early reports, although that response launched a mega storm.

"I hate to see these guys sexualizing Billie, she said in several interviews how insecure she was with her body, so when she decides to post 10% of her body, do you call her a b*tch? Where's the respect?" a user replied.

Fans Remain Unaware That Billie Has Explained Her Baggy Clothing

Billie Eilish on stage
Gettyimages | Erika Goldring

Fans continued to debate the issue of Billie showcasing her physique – covered-up and baggy is the standard for this teen – with some users appearing unaware that Billie had publicly shared how ill-at-ease she is with putting her body on show.

Billie had explained her baggy clothing during a Calvin Klein ad:

“Nobody can have an opinion because they haven't seen what’s underneath. Nobody can be like, ‘she’s slim-thick,’ ‘she’s not slim-thick,’ ‘she’s got a flat *ss,’ ‘she's got a fat *ss.’ No one can say any of that because they don't know.”

"When and what interview did she say that in," a fan asked when another mentioned Billie's explanations.

A Huge Debate Over Billie 'Wanting To Be Desirable' To Men

Billie Eilish giving a speech
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

The comments continued, as mass replies came in to the "Here come the Billie's 18 now" remark.

"SHE SAID she wants to be desirable to men when she turns 18. She's a grown *ss woman. Chill," a fan wrote.

"Lmao u don't automatically turn into a "Grown *ss woman" when u turn 18 and it's her choice," another wrote, before adding that choosing to hide one's body doesn't equate to not wanting to be desirable.

More sexual comments had been left, with a reply racking up over 2,000 likes telling Billie: "Damn, you're a damn good loop maker."

What Billie Actually Said

Billie Eilish in the street
Gettyimages | Marc Piasecki

Billie turned 18 years old on December 18, 2019. Back when she was 17, the singer was profiled by Elle.

“I’m gonna be a woman," she said regarding turning 18.

"I wanna show my body. What if I wanna make a video where I wanna look desirable?" she added, concluding:

“Not a porno! But I know it would be a huge thing. I know people will say, ‘I’ve lost all respect for her.'"

Fortunately, for Billie, the most-liked comments were those praising either her strength and personality, beauty (not in a seedy way), or the Hawaii location.

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