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Ariana Grande Tired of Carrying the Pop Industry

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By kenadijiba

Ariana Grande is clearly exhausted over all the success she’s had. See, the consensus is that being famous with an insane amount of money and number 1 records is all milk and honey. In reality, it takes a lot to reap the reward. Sometimes the stress and anxiety that comes with reaching the top can get a million times worse after “winning” because of expectations. With her Sweetener Tour proving to be a smash Grande illustrates time and again how you can go through such pain and still make something so beautiful from it.

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Over the last few years, Ariana has made the stride from Pop Princess to a respected Queen in the entertainment industry. Blessed with the natural vocals of a Goddess she has finely tuned her gifts with grace. Her last two albums “Sweetener”, and “ Thank U, Next” has been the backbone for radio stations, and parties all across the world. She so atypically used her profound sadness to make arguably the best music of her career. Per usual like every popping music artist she created a body of work, and toured right after. But, has Ariana taken the time to properly heal from her battle wounds.

Trauma alike to what she has experienced isn't just one therapy session and then your life's roses and cream. It will take years for Grande to truly not so much get over the tragedies of her life, but to learn how to live with them in a positive way. But, her evolution is nothing short of a miracle. From Cat Valentine on Victorious to superstar her journey is inspirational. But, even though she looks like she is on top of the world we must keep in mind that happiness is not a constant. It is an emotion that has to be cultivated with strong consistency. In order for her to do that she needs to take a break, and someone else should hold the state of pop music together.

For any person, a vacation would be such a blessing. We all need to press the reset button for a plethora of reasons, like to discover a new way of life or to even feel alive. So, this could be a great leaf to turn over for the Starlet. There is no doubt that if she makes the choice to give herself that much desired time off she will come back better than ever. With her not so persistently dominating the music scene could she take up an out of the box hobby. In this time could someone new pop up on the scene and shock us all? Maybe Rihanna will give the people what they’ve been waiting for in terms of her world anticipated album after using her free time to develop Fenty Beauty. It is unsure as of now, but from what 2019 brought in Ariana won't be gone for too long, and if you happen to be missing her essence don't get too worried. She was nominated for a few Grammys this year so she is bound to show up and show out.

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