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Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix And Martin Sheen Join The Ranks Of Celebrities Arrested Alongside Jane Fonda

Wikimedia |
By Carolyn B.

Everybody who is anybody has now gotten themselves arrested with actress Jane Fonda. That is an absolutely real sentence, and it is more important than it may first seem.

Fonda has been rallying the Tinsel Town troops, gathering up big-name celebrities to join in her peaceful protests in order to raise awareness for climate change and its dangers. Fonda's stunts have garnered a lot of publicity, as has each new Hollywood star that ends up joining her on the prison block.

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This Is The Good Place

Ted Danson
Wikimedia |

Ted Danson, star of Cheers and The Good Place caused a stir on social media thanks to his happy-go-lucky attitude when he was arrested for Fonda's cause.

Despite playing a literal (reformed) evil demon on TV, Danson was overjoyed to be doing his part to fight Climate Change. Photos began circulating of the 72-year-old actor in a cap and coat, grinning from ear-to-ear as police officers escorted him away. In lieu of handcuffs, zip ties were placed around Danson's wrists.

More Celebs Line Up

Lily Tomlin
Wikimedia |

While Danson may have been one of the most popular Climate Change celebrity arrests, he was far from the only one. Lots of big names have been more than willing to spend some time in the slammer to promote Fonda's social work, including Puppy Love star Rosanna Arquette and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Fonda has even managed to wrangle a few of her Grace And Frankie co-stars into protesting with her. Actors Sam Waterson and Lily Tomlin have also been arrested while protesting.

From The Golden Globes To A Holding Cell

Joaquin Phoenix
Wikimedia |

Just coming off a huge Golden Globe win for Best Actor in his controversial film The Joker, Phoenix traded in his fancy suit and shiny Oscar for an impassioned speech on Climate Change. Phoenix's speech echoes sentiments he expressed during his Golden Globes acceptance speech, where he sought to raise awareness of Climate Change.

The West Wing actor Martin Sheen was also in attendance at the protest and was detained along with Phoenix and The Dark Knight actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Civil Disobedience

Jane Fonda
Wikimedia |

Fonda recently sat for an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to give advice for others interested in taking up civil disobedience for a cause. The actor recommended leaving devices, food, and other items at home. Opting instead to attend protests with only bundles of clothing (to act as pillows and blankets in a jail cell), personal identification, and $50 -- which she offered to provide.

Fonda also warned that civil disobedience should not be the first step in protest, but is an option taken when those in power do not listen to pleas.

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