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Kim Kardashian

Turns Out Kim Kardashian West Took Daughter North With Her To The White House

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By Carolyn B.

Two years after her husband, Kanye West, endorsed Donald J. Trump president, and a year before Kanye would make waves with his newfound (and often pushed on his family) conservative religion, Kim Kardashian West made headlines with a much-publicized visit to the White House in May of 2018 and again in September of 2018. She has attended meetings there several times.

However, the now-infamous trip had nothing to do with Kanye's strict beliefs or support of Trump, however. Kim visited with the president to advocate for the release of those who had been wrongfully imprisoned.

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Mission Successful

Kim Kardashian
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Kim's first visit focused on then prisoner Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson, then 63 years old, was facing a life sentence for drug charges. Given the changes in political climate that have seen many drugs legalized or charges lessened, advocates have been fighting to see people like Johnson freed from prison.

Following Kim's arguments in favor of the beleaguered grandmother, President Trump agreed to commute Johnson's sentence, granting her freedom after over 20 years served in prison for her original lifelong sentence.

A New Passion In Life

Kim Kardashian
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The success of her mission led Kim to rally behind the cause even harder. Her second September trip to the White House focused on clemency and what the administration could be doing to improve the process.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has decided to go to law school to help her learn the ins and outs of the cause she has taken up. She has previously been promised a position at an actual law office should she earn her degree.

The Apple And The Tree

Robert Kardashian
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Law and the fight for justice run in the Kardashian family. Kim's biological father, Robert Kardashian, was famously one of O.J. Simpson's defense attorneys during the former football player's trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her partner Ron Goldman.

Robert Kardashian had had doubts about O.J. Simpson's innocence and had spoken up about his guilt and regret over his former friend being found innocent. Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story partially retold this chapter in the Kardashians' lives.

The Next Generation

North West
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It would seem Kim is passing her passion for justice onto her own daughter, just as she caught the bug from her dad. The 39-year-old reality TV star revealed more details from behind-the-scenes of one of her trips to the White House in 2019.

Posting photos to Instagram stories, Kim revealed that she had brought her daughterNorth West with her on of her advocacy trips. In the photos, North wears a white and gold dress and poses and with her mother in the Oval Office.

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