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'Gold Rush' Parker Schnabel Flips Out When Rookie Almost Wrecks Wash Plant

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

This season of "Gold Rush" has become so dire for some of the gold miners, they're being forced into situations that they normally would avoid. One of those situations was giving a rookie machine operator more than he could handle, and unfortunately, Parker Schnabel is the one who took the hit for the poor judgment. In a sneak peek of the next episode of "Gold Rush," Parker enlists his faith in crew newcomer Fred for a job way out of the man's wheelhouse.

Discovery Channel

In the preview clip, it's explained that Parker has his new rookie machine operator, Fred, learning how to clear dirt with an excavator before being given a bigger role.

"I think you're ready for the wash plant?" Parker asks in a questioned tone. Fred admits he's a "little nervous" about loading up the wash plant with pay dirt, as he's never attempted anything like it before.

Parker convinces the man to "throw a couple scoops" in to test it out, and Fred tells Parker to let him know if he screws up. Something tells us he'll be getting an earful real soon.

Discovery Channel

Most machine operators get months of training before they load precious pay dirt into a wash plant, but Parker admits that "I hate to say it, we're getting a bit desperate."

He hopes that Fred can handle the job, but is worried about giving him too much too quickly.

Things are being set up for disaster when Fred reveals he's never even scooped up pay dirt before. As he begins to pour, he explains that he has no clue where to aim the dirt, and just goes with a tactic of slowly pouring.


Discovery Channel

He's actually doing a pretty decent job, until he begins to back the excavator away from the wash plant. It appears that Fred doesn't raise the bucket up enough to clear the feeder, and nearly topples the entire thing over.

"Whoa, easy man! don't push the feeder over!" Parker screams as he and the rest of the crew dash over to the feeder to try and save the equipment. The young reality star has been raking it in this season while on the hunt for gold, but having to repair a wash plant could definitely tank his entire efforts.

"Gold Rush" airs Fridays at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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