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Disney The Remake's Are Getting Corny

Unsplash | pan xiaozhen
By kenadijiba

First off round of applause for the Disney executive who pushed Disney plus. That is the greatest decision made by the company in decade's. Now, do us all a favor and cut out these cringy Disney live action remakes. What's good is gold. Don't mess with classic's this is common knowledge, it almost never end's up well. Not everyone has the capacity to create a Godfather 1 and 2. But even Francis Ford Coppola tried his luck with the 3rd one. Please stop while you are a head before you ruin all of our childhoods. There has not been one great live-action Disney movie yet, and don't hold on hope for there ever being one.

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The moral of the story is just because you can do something, does not mean you should. Disney has a legacy like no other and it's hold onto the heart strings of children as well as adults across the world is sentimental. So, when you mess with the emotions of millions with such profound memories to go with their nostalgia, that push back isn't going to be pretty. Just like that pitiful "Aladdin" remake wasn't pretty. What really does not make any sense is most people don't even desire these beautiful films to be live-action. It show's that they create the idea of demand just to gain a profit. Is it really all about money Disney? Do you care about the love people have for these iconic films.

The most recent of remakes to enter the stratosphere for 2020 is Mulan . When you take a look at a film like Mulan and it's influence on the minds of Asian American children across the country, it would be such a slap in the face to mess this up. Hopefully this one will be the end to the terrible saga. It's just painful to watch the destruction of such powerful cinema, and what is up with the lack of originality. If you could make back to back blockbusters from the '40s on, why can't you now in 2020. Did the death of Walt Disney along with the move from hand-drawn animation to Pixar-esque animation affect the way they create Disney projects. Do we need to go back to this type of film making?

We will see what steps they take. If they continue to put out these live-action movies it is going to admonish everything Disney built. Something tells me Disney has a plan though. It isn't just a cute little art house for film, this a multi-billion dollar corporation that understands the importance of appealing to their base. Right now Disney has no competition when it comes to animation. But, if they don't return to their humble roots some other company is going to pop up and change the game.

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