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The Influence of the Kardashian Klan Coming To an End?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By kenadijiba

Since the early 2000's to now the world has been overtaken by the Kardashian's, and their united promotion of "false realities". Through Kim's rise to fame due to her sex tape with Ray J that took the world by storm, Kim managed to expertly give her family a huge platform. With that platform, they created an empire. As social media jokes "The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner" works harder". The consistency of that family to make themselves relevant with scandal after scandal is honestly unprecedented. Even majorly talented people from the past couldn't manage to keep themselves known for as long as the Kardashians. But, is time running out. Will there be an end to the Kardashian dynasty. A lot of people are rooting for it.

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It is not uncommon for people who are jealous to wish for the demise of others who are rich, and powerful. For the Kardashian's this formula of jealousy is not the reasoning for why many are fed up with them. The effect they've had on pop culture is more torturous, than beneficial. Especially the effect on young women which we will not be sure of until well after they are forgotten. Selling this idea that plastic surgery should be normalized, and taking the face God gave you as a suggestion isn't healthy for anybody. It breeds insecurity as well as depression. They promote this dream of "perfection" when 100 percent of the time their photos are edited to death. The unacknowledged superficiality is absolutely ridiculous.

What will eventually be their meal ticket into obscurity is the fact that you can't stop time. No matter how much filler you get injected in your face , life is going to hit you. Aging is inevitable and should be hailed as beautiful, but the Kardashian's seem to evade it like the plague. They don't contribute anything original to society. Even the claim that they changed beauty standards is laughable. Why? Because the features they chose to get surgically enhanced, are ones that belonged to women of color forever. So, the fact that they're celebrated for buying parts that black women or Latin women get fetishized/ taunted for naturally is a shame.

Already in 2020, they are falling off the map. Their reality show is losing viewers every year because people are tired of their facade. It isn't probable that they will ever be as famous as they were the decade prior. If I were Kim I'd gracefully bow out while the tile is still hot, because a continuation of this aggressively desperate need for attention at 40 is not a good look. They have to evolve behind the scenes and let the new generation find another family to obsess over.

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