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The Mike Vick Story To Make Its Way To ESPN's Award Winning '30 for 30' Documentary Series

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By Mario Perez

If you were a kid or a teen in the middle part of the 2000s you probably wanted to be Micheal Vick. At the time Micheal Vick played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and he played the position like no-one had ever played it at the pro level. He was rushing for over 1000 yards in one season. Something that is still rare for a QB these days. While bringing the era's hip-hop culture the NFL. Until some very bad decisions made everything come crumbling down.

What We Can Expect To See

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The Micheal Vick story is one of, rags to riches to rags and back to riches. There are actually very few stories like it in that he was able to get back on top. After spending 2 years in prison after being endited on charges of dogfighting.

There is an argument to be made that the Micheal Vick story is very similar in certain ways to the OJ Simpson story. The portrayal of this story on the same documentary series garnered a lot of praise a few years back.


The NFL Network has actually already produced its version of the Vick story in its famed documentary series "A Football Life". As was mentioned before this is a story that is probably very and dear to many people. Yet, the NFL's take on the story may be a little lighter than what we could expect coming from ESPN.

For a lot of folks, this may certainly take them back to the day's where the Micheal Vick experience was the hit commercial and the #7 Falcon's jersey was the best selling item in the NFL store.

Why Now?

Pretty much the reason why ESPN is looking to air this documentary at this point in time has to do with Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens QB recently broke Vick's long-standing record of rushing yards by a QB in a season. He has drawn many comparisons to Vick because of his style of play. He is now arguably the face of the league as Vick once was in the mid-2000s.
Although the Vick story may be a very well known story for many the documentary will aim to provide a new approach behind the scenes.

When Does It Air?

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The documentary is set to be titled, "Vick". ESPN will broadcast the first of the documentary on January 30 at 9 PM EST. It will be broken down into two parts. The second part is set to premiere on February 6. In the same time slot as the first part. Both dates are on a Thursday and will be part of the programing on both days in ESPN's main channel. At this time the podcast release dates are not known publically.

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