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Dan + Shay Attended Justin Beiber's extravagant Wedding, Grateful for Aleady Being Married

Gettyimages | Rick Diamond
By Zachary Holt

Justin Bieber and his new wife, Hailey, recently gave their vows at a beautiful and extravagant wedding in Bluffton, South Carolina, right on the coast, last fall. According to Kris Jenner, who was in attendance, the wedding was modeled after the romantic film, The Notebook.

Also in attendance was the dynamic and wildly successful country duo, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney who making up Dan + Shay. Each of them brought their wife along. And not only did they attend the ceremony, they also collaborated with Bieber and performed. But speaking with several outlets after all was said and done, the two musicians were glad that they had gotten married, themselves, prior to attending.

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Attending Bieber's Wedding with a Finacee or Girlfriend Could be Dangerous

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Shay Mooney spoke the American Country Countdown and expressed how the potential of taking a significant other to Bieber's extravagant ceremony and reception could be dangerous. He explained that the expectations for their own personal wedding would have been drastically raised, just by attending.

"It’s a good thing also that we already had our weddings," Mooney told Kix Brooks on the show. "I feel like it’s a really dangerous thing to take your fiancée or your girlfriend to a wedding before you’ve had your wedding ’cause then they get all of these ideas. The worst wedding you could possibly [go to] is when its Justin Bieber’s wedding [laughing]."

"You don’t want to take ’em to that one," he continued. "I felt bad for like all the single people there ’cause that was their expectation, like, ‘Oh, it’ll probably be this way,’ which, for the people that were there, it probably will be that way."

No Stress In Attending Someone Else's Wedding, No Worries

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Dan Smyers also voiced his sentiments about the implications of attending Bieber and Balwin's wedding after he had personally wed his wife. He also revealed that he didn't plan on going to any other weddings in the near future.

"That was a fun wedding, man. It was a good time,” Smyers recounted. “We got to sing a couple of songs there, and a bunch of good people [were] there. It’s always fun to go to a wedding, especially when it’s not yours and you don’t have the stress of having to plan it . . . Once you’ve had your wedding, you’re like, ‘Thank, God, I only had to do this once,’ and you can go enjoy it on somebody else’s dime. It was a lot of fun

Dan + Shay Perform Song at Bieber and Baldinw's Wedding for the First Time

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Smyers and Mooney had recently commented on how amazing it was for the duo to collaborate with Beiber on his wedding day with a song they had never actually performed before.

"It's awesome to get to attend their wedding and it was a blast, it was a really good time. And that was like the first place we debuted the song," they shared with Entertainment Tonight. "We had never rehearsed it!"

Dan + Shay also revealed that they had been in talks with Bieber for some time, attempting to collaborate, but nothing materialized until they came up with the song '10,000 hours'. Upon sending it to Bieber, he really enjoyed it, and the plans were set to perform it at the wedding.

Appreciation for Being a Part of Justin and Hailey's Special Day

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Speaking on the collaboration of the song with Bieber and making it a part of their special day, the country duo shared, "We've always wanted to do some collaboration with him and we wrote the song and thought it would be perfect and sent it over to him not knowing what would happen," Mooney recounted. "He loved the song; he's in a similar place in his life, just got married and so it was really cool to have that moment all together."

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