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Who is Cooper Phillip and Why Aren't You Listening To Her Music?

Cooper Phillip/Instagram
By Ben Robinson III

Let's just get it out the way; the music of the past decade has pretty much all sounded the same. Men with whiny, thin voices and women with whiny, thin voices all vying for popularity and success within the entertainment industry. True, there are still a few talents who can sing their faces off but normally they tend to be well-established artists whose track record speaks for itself. Long gone are the days when a newcomer will show up and show out with looks, style and talent.

Unsplash | Panos Sakalakis

Then there are the new class of folks who bring their A game with their style like Ari Lennox, Jhene Aiko, Camila Cabello and Normani to name a few. If you want talent in this day and age you must 100% look for it because the way radio and television are set up talent falls tenth in line behind looks and marketability. Thankfully there are still some people who want to showcase their voices more than anything else and one of those folks is blonde bombshell singer Cooper Phillip.

At first glance, one might think "Yeah, just another pretty girl that will ride one note for three and a half minutes before winning all the major awards". However, take a listen to her voice and you will discover that Cooper Phillip is the real deal. With a sultry flow and a range that can rival some of the greats, Phillip is set and primed to make 2020 the year when everyone will be saying her name and showering her with the accolades she deserves.

Though Phillip has released a few songs to bolster her profile Hollywood Life reports that her newest song, a collaboration with Chaz Mason titled 'Exceptional Feelings, is one not to be missed by those in love with falling in love.

“I hope to inspire everyone to continue loving and trying even after previous failures,” Cooper tells HollywoodLife. The Russian-born singer said that she has endured her own romantic hardships, telling us that she “stopped believing in fairytales from all my heartbreaks” and that “These exceptional feelings I never thought I’d experience again.”

But who exactly is Cooper Phillip?

Born to a family of accomplished classical musicians in a small Russian town, Cooper’s early years were spent in the care of her grandmother while her mother, a master violin player, toured across the globe with various symphonies. In what could be considered a moment of teenage rebellion, the now Los Angeles-based singer turned her ears away from the classics, and towards the states. Cooper fell in love with Ella Fitzgerald.

Eventually, Phillip moved to New York City and hustled by singing and working to pay the bills. Eventually, she relocated to Los Angeles and is now constantly releasing music. She's definitely an artist to look out for. Check out her track 'Exceptional Feelings' below and follow her Instagram here.

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