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Julie Bowen Looking To Quickly Get A New Gig After Modern Family's End

Gettyimages | Amanda Edwards
By Mario Perez

It is going to be emotional last season for ABC's hit show Modern Family. Currently, the show is in its 11th and final season. That is set to close curtains in April of the current year. This means that a lot of the show's stars are already looking to see what is ahead for them. Such is the case for Julie Bowen who plays the character, Claire Dunphy, on the hit show. She recently told Us Weekly that she was going to need to keep working to pay her divorce lawyers

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Spilling The Truth

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The divorce rumors started to take flight for Julie and her husband Scott Phillips way back in 2016. When the real estate agent did not attend the Golden Globes gala that year with her. Even a year before their split Julie had been quoted as saying that "We’re too tired to do anything else". Alluding to the fact that she and her husband, would not get divorced. When you are talking about not getting divorced because you are too tired to do so the writing is kind of on the wall!

Paying For A Divorce Lawyer In LA

For Julie, things are very clear she needs quite the cash to continue here ongoing divorce. In the state of California divorce lawyers can make up to 500 dollars per hour. We are guessing that this particular number could even increase when we are talking about high profile clients. Although the divorce was publically announced around March of 2018 it would seem the legal battle is set to continue on. Julie wisely does not want to fall behind on her payments.

A Hand In Major Productions


Although we could say that certainly her role as Claire Dunphy was her most iconic yet the truth is she has had a hand in many major productions over the years. Especially when it comes to television. She has had minor roles in Lost, Dawson's Creek, ER, and many other shows. To go along with her roles in films like Happy Gilmore and An American Werewolf in Paris. The 49-year-old has been quite active for the last 20 plus years of her career.

What Is Next?


Perhaps rightfully so at this point, there are no spin-offs of the hit series planned. Which, would be hard for ABC to muster up especially if they would want to bring back the whole cast. Then again in TV you never know if we won't see the Pritchett clan together again.

As far as Julie's plans to continue her career she apparently has a movie coming up called Hubie Halloween

This is a Netflix production with Adam Sandler in the lead role. Plus here continued voice work on Disney's Tangled animated series.

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