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Are Julianne Hough and Her Husband Closing In on Divorce? These Signs Point to Yes.

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By Zachary Holt

Marriage is never a static endeavor for two people to go into, as feelings towards one another and life, in general, are bound to change as time passes by.

In best-case scenarios, couples are able to work through these changes and dynamics to stay together, but it doesn't always happen that way, and it certainly isn't easy. Current Dancing with the Stars staple, Julianna Hough, is having to learn that right now, as she's married to Brooks Laich.

For Hough, she believes that she's changed into a completely different person from the time that she decided to marry Laich back in 2017 and signs are beginning to surface that he marriage may not last much longer.

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Julianne Living through a 'No Limits, No Rules' Mantra

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According to a source that spoke to People Magazine, the changes going within the couple's marriage is more about Hough's personal evolution than anything in particular that occurred between them. The source was able to dish on this matter and what truly is going on.

"Julianne wants to become a new age, free-spirit, no boundaries guru, and she is living her life by this sort of 'no limits, no rules' mantra, and that doesn’t vibe with being a wife," they revealed.

These situations are never easy, especially when it wasn't one person's fault for creating a changing view of a marriage, but that's what is occurring with Hough currently, as she's had a total awakening.

"It’s still complicated because she loves Brooks and she always will — she just thinks she is a completely different person than she was when she married him," they continued. "She’s had a total awakening and transformation, and it’s ongoing, and she isn’t able or interested in going back to who she was."

Hough Reaching the Point of No Return

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For Hough, she's already past the point of no return in her own personal development and doesn't see a pathway for her to go back. The source directly commented on this saying that the DWTS star has made 'real and deep changes' with 'no interest in going back'.

"Brooks can only change but so much to try to keep her," they said. "She’s spreading her wings now and no one, not Brooks or anyone, can really tie her down at this point." Although it seems that Hough is going in her own, personal direction, she still hopes to have Laich in her life in some regard.

"He’s always been her biggest fan and has been willing to back her up in anything she wanted to do," the source continued.

No Longer Insecure and Confused about the Direction of Her Life

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When Laich and Hough first started dating back in 2014, Hough was a different person with insecurities and a lack of direction for where her life was going. Laich's presence was a steadying force for her, but now things have changed, at least now in the person she's become.

An insider revealed that when the couple started dating, it was 'a time when [Hough] really had so much confusion in so many other areas of her life'.

"And suddenly there was this guy willing to be her rock, to be her support no matter what, and that was just what she needed," they continued. "But since then, she’s started to get more clarity on other parts of her life."

Hough and Laich Spending Time Apart, The Beginning of the End

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And now, more than ever, it seems that there isn't going to be anything that can salvage their marriage, as the two have been spending an increasing amount of time away from each other. A source speaking to E! News shared the latest update on the couple, discussing the matter on Tuesday.

"They have been spending time apart but are not ready to share what's going on between them," a source said. "They don't even really know what to call it. There's a ton of love and emotion there and they are going through something very personal."

"She's been very private about this time in her life and is not making any kind of official announcement," the source added. "She is honoring her work commitments, as is he, and it's kept them apart. But things have definitely changed in their relationship."

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