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Carrie Underwood on stage

Carrie Underwood Wows In Tight Tank – Instagram Digs The Statement On It

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Carrie Underwood didn't need much to wow Instagram today. The "America Idol" winner's post-baby body is now as much a talking point as her award-winning voice, with fans likely honing in the former as the 36-year-old took to the platform today.

No, the snap didn't show Carrie's rock-hard legs. That said, if you know a thing or two about a toned upper half, you'll have spotted the muscle around this new mother's shoulders in her snap. Carrie posed for a simple selfie today, and she's been racking up the likes and comments like nobody's business.

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'Set Intentions, Not Resolutions'

Carrie Underwood in a white tank top
Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Carrie's photo showed her looking bright-eyed and (let's face it) drop-dead gorgeous as she posed in a tight white tank top from her popular Calia by Carrie athleisurewear line.

The semi-sheer tank was plain, but its statement message was powerful.


Carrie herself was likely holding her phone in her right hand, using her left to hold a part of the shirt. Hints of a blue sports bra were visible underneath. The "Cry Pretty" singer wore her bombshell blonde hair down and a little makeup – nothing too fancy.

"Best intentions for the new year!" Carrie wrote.

Instagram Wants Her, The Tank, The Whole Freaking Thing

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Carrie's fanbase is something else. The star's 9.3 million followers are some of the most hardcore fans around, and they came out in full force after today's post. Many seemed sold on the concept of turning the New Year's resolutions concept on its head.

"Stunning. Good saying on your shirt," one fan wrote.

"Exactly! Daily, hourly, set intentions" was another comment.

"Love it, and soooo true!" a user added.

The post itself also managed to prove staggeringly popular in very little time, racking up over 64,000 likes in an hour.

A Post-Baby Body That Gets People Talking

Carrie Underwood poses in a bikini
Calia by Carrie/Instagram

Carrie welcomed second son Jacob in January 2019. Now a mother of two, Carrie and husband Mike Fisher are raising Jacob alongside their first son Isaiah.

Carrie's summer 2019 bikini photo was taken approximately six months after she gave birth – the star was in The Hamptons as her Calia by Carrie line celebrated an event.

With three miscarriages in two years, though, Carrie's motherhood journey hasn't been easy. Carrie did, however, round 2019 off with a stunning selfie of herself with a newborn Jacob – seemingly, it was her best moment of 2019.

'I Will Always Mourn Those Children': The Miscarriage

Carrie Underwood with her newborn, Mike Fisher and the kids
Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Speaking candidly about her miscarriages, Carrie revealed that a part of her will always hang onto the children that could have been.

"But letting yourself go there ... other people that are going through the same thing. It kind of connects you to them. I will always mourn those children, those lives that were a shooting star, a breath of smoke, but I have Jacob, and he is incredible. He is the sweetest little baby. At the time it was awful, and it still hurts, but it’s kind of like 'OK, I have this.'”

Today? More about the brand that's the third best-selling at Dick's Sporting Goods after Nike and Under Armour. Yes, that popular. Well, that, and the neat 2020 message.

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