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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Royal Commentators Are Not Holding Back In Their Scathing Critique Of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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By Sarah Veldman

It's one of the biggest scandals to ever rock the monarchy, and they've seen some huge storms in their time. From Princess Diana and Prince Charles' separation to the Fergie toe-sucking incident, and Prince Andrew's recent sex scandal.

But, it appears that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are clearly trying to beat them all, with their recent announcement to step back as 'senior royals' and become "financially independent."

They gave very few details about how they plan to achieve their new goals, other than to say they want to be more progressive royals, whatever that is supposed to mean.

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Dickie Arbiter: The Queen's Former Press Secretary

Dickie Arbiter
Gettyimages | FOX

Opinions on the Sussexes decision have been largely negative, and many critics have not held back in their reviews.

Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary to the Queen, feels the move is a huge insult to her majesty, especially after how much attention she has devoted to Prince Harry in the past.

He told The Sun, "The Queen will bear this latest insult with the stoicism with which she has faced every other challenge in her life. But make no mistake, an insult it is."

He continued, "And Her Majesty will doubtless be feeling very let down right now, by a grandson she doted on. Ever since William and Harry lost their mother, the Queen has been their trusted confidante."

Trevor Phillips: British Writer and Broadcaster

Trevor Phillips
Gettyimages | Oli Scarff

Trevor Phillips believes the royal couple will face a hard time when they're no longer part of the protection of the royal fold.

He wrote in The Times, "Harry and Meghan's advisers need to get one thing straight. Once outside the royal enclosure they will no longer enjoy the deference that Harry, at least, has had all his life. They will join the rest of us in the trenches."

But, just who are the people advising the royal couple? It appears the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are winding each other up, only listening to themselves, outside opinions (including those in the royal family) be damned.

Dan Wootton: Executive Editor of The Sun

Dan Wootton
Gettyimages | Simon James

Dan Wootton, executive editor of The Sun makes a very good point. He questions how the royal couple, especially Harry who has grown up in a life of privilege, will handle a life outside royal life.

While Harry has many times claimed to want to be normal, does he really understand what he's getting himself into? His impulsiveness may spell trouble in the future.

Wootton writes in The Sun, "Harry and Meghan knew exactly what they were doing when they went rogue this week. And it's a move that plunges the Duke and Duchess of Sussex into immediate peril."

He continues, "Is Harry REALLY prepared for life as a civilian, with no privilege, no security and no formal role?"

Russell Myers: Royal Editor For The Daily Mirror

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

Much has been made about the Sussexes desire to be "financially independent," even though they still plan on living at Frogmore Cottage, having their security paid for by taxpayers, and continuing to receive money from Prince Charles' estate.

Russell Myers, royal editor for The Daily Mirror writes, "The Sussexes seem even further ostracised from the family and, perhaps, the British public will start asking why they are paying for a couple who have neglected the very thing the Queen has placed above all else during her reign, duty."

It seems that in the future, much of the criticism will be about the fact that Meghan and Harry want to live with a one foot in, one foot out mentality, but that is just not going to work.

What will The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (for now) announce next? Stay tuned.

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