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Rob Kardashian May Take a Huge Step to Shed His Remaining Pounds

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg
By Joe Allen

After experience weight gain throughout the 2010s, Rob Kardashian wants to do the work to get back to his former size. He's already made some substantial lifestyle changes that have produced significant results. In 2019, he lost quite a bit of weight.

In spite of this, he's still not where he wants to be, and he's reportedly thinking about taking a major step to shed his remaining weight. According to E! News, Rob is considering moving into a live-in weight-loss facility.

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In that type of facility, Rob can focus on his weight loss without the distractions that get in the way during everyday life. "Rob is considering going away to a live-in facility where he can be 100 percent focused on losing weight. His family has encouraged him and he feels like it might be just what he needs," an insider close to the family explained to E! News. "He really wants 2020 to be his best year and to finally get healthy."

Rob Kardashian on the red carpet
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"His biggest motivator is Dream and he wants to do it for her," the source continued, referring to Rob's daughter. "He needs an extra push and this could be the way to do it. At home, there are distractions and it’s easy to fall off course with his eating and working out. He feels like at a live-in facility, he could get the big jump start that he needs."

This type of facility may be the perfect way for Rob to focus on weight loss.


Now that it's a new decade, Rob seems eager for the change. A source told People that "everyone else in the family is working out and thinking about what they eat. He wants this year to be the year when he takes care of himself."

It seems like an enormous step, and one that continues him along the journey he started when he dropped weight in 2019. According to Life & Style, he's already hired a trainer who helped whip him into shape.


"But he’ll be the first one to tell you that he doesn’t always commit," the source told Life & Style. "He still struggles, but the food is where he’s been making some great strides. He still loves In-N-Out Double-Double burgers and fries, but he’s really cut back. He’s all about salads and fruits, fish and chicken, walking on the treadmill."

A healthy diet is a huge part of any weight loss journey, and it seems like Rob is thoroughly committed to getting slimmer in the new decade.

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