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Why Do We Pretend like Selena Gomez can sing?

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By kenadijiba

In more ways than one, Selena Gomez hit the jackpot. To be blunt she is a mediocre actress, and she cannot sing. But somehow she still has a huge career in both sectors. Why is it that there a handful of not so talented Hollywood entertainers that we as the public knowingly see can't do what they are praised for doing, and yet still we support them with fervor. Is it the media's influence or the fact they we saw firsthand the growth of celebrities like Selena Gomez that keeps us hooked.

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To call out someone for not having talent isn't a "dig" nor a "read", it just is simply what it is. Some people are blessed with the ability to sing like for example Adele, or Whitney Houston. Others are great actors like Robert De Niro, and Leo Dicaprio. When you see these people do what they do it all seems so natural, and for others like Selena Gomez it's perceived as forced. With Selena, in particular, there isn't anything special about the art she creates. Her fanbase is really what holds everything together and her personality is what feeds them.


The girl next door nice girl attitude is what made Gomez a star at the end of the day. Not to mention her rowdy romance with Justin Bieber that was the "go-to" of media coverage for years. As she returns to music with singles like " Lose You To Love Me", and " Look at Her Now" she continues to prove the point of there is not much spectacular about her work. Naturally, twitter freaks out for 2 hours after she releases a video but after that, there is dead silence on Gomez's music. It just doesn't get the job done.

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Is there anything wrong with not being the best at what you do? Again, no. Not everyone can become great. That kind of gift no matter how much somebody tries to curate it, is God-given. So, there is no need to compare an artist like an Ariana Grande to a Selena because they both hold different lanes. At the end of the day it is all up to the people who support the artist. That's what keeps the wheels moving and the tickets selling. What's interesting about Selena Gomez is that she knows this, and she intelligently utilizes the support of her fans in a non-manipulative way to pursue her passions even though she may not be good at them.

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