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Julie Bowen looks stunning in a flowered design shirt and yellow color pant to match

'Modern Family' Julie Bowen Reveals Wells Adams Asked for Permission to Marry Sarah Hyland

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There are several forms of marriages in the world today, and sometimes, couples do not need to go through the stress of making plans, when they can easily visit a court. However, there are some who make sure that everyone is informed and approves before they decide to marry. This style is usually considered to be old and traditional, but there are still people who do it. This form of marriage usually entails the man going to his fiance's home to seek the approval of her parent or guardian before she walks down the aisle.

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There are several advantages of this form of marriage, and the most important one is that every member of the girl's family shows full support to the couple. There are many celebrities in the world today who had to go through this form of marriage and had the full support of both families. One of the famous couples we know engaged in this act is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who got married in the popular Indian type of marriage with friends and family present.

Sarah Hyland looks stunning in suit-jacket with a scorpion design on it beside her fiance, Wells Adams who is dressed in all-black outfit
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Julie Bowen from "Modern Family," recently revealed that Wells Adams had to seek the permission of his fiance's on-screen mom before he could get married to Sarah Hyland. According to her, Adams felt that the blessing of the person his wife considers a mother, was important, and he had to get it at all cost. Usually, parents would not give their consent for marriage if they believe that the would-be husband is not good enough. This has resulted in several family issues and led the couple to get married without their parents' blessings.

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However, in Adams's case, he was lucky because not only did Hyland's parents give their consent on the marriage, her movie mom, Julie Bowen also gave her approval. 49-year-old Bowen and 29-year-old Hyland, star side-by-side in the family drama titled "Modern Family," and over the years, they have grown to love and adore each other. In an Instagram video, a fan asked Bowen if she has met Hyland's fiance, who stars in "Bachelor In Paradise," and that's when she revealed the big news.

Wells Adams and fiance, Sarah Hyland look stunning on the red carpet in black suit and green dress as they smile brightly for the camera
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Marriage is one of the most beautiful things to happen in a person's life, but what is more amazing is when it is supported and blessed by every member of both parties. There are some couples who after seeking the approval of their parents to get married, got a disappointing reply. This has led many to get married alone in secret and start a family without their parents' s support.

If you have been in this situation before, how did you handle your parents rejecting your fiance? Let us know in the comment section below.

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