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Trump Gets Called Out By Powerful Republicans

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By kenadijiba

Republicans are starting to get fed up with Donald Trump and his shenanigans. Although many in the party have stayed quiet or have blindly supported 45 it is evident there are cracks in the wall, and with one crack open the dam could burst and a flood of unknown proportions could besiege us. It is true that when one person speaks out on any cause it gives others the okay to step out and defend their own feelings, when maybe before they were afraid of compromising their positions.

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Trump might have dodged a bullet with avoiding war with Iran for now. But, his aimless mission has truly shown how unprepared he is to follow through with any pursuit whether it be warranted or not. Now, on both sides when discussing the parties of Democrats and Republicans there has been hypocrisy, defamation, and corruption. But, when it came to this topic of the strike against Iran by killing General Soulemani there was a unified front of resistance. Democrats found the move to be risky and a threat to national security. Some Republicans agreed with the murder because of the “imminent threat” Trump insisted was to come from Soulemani, but when it came down to the wire and war was growing into a clear reality both parties didn’t see the benefit from it. Iran would be a repeat of Iraq with even more to lose and global escalation that could result in one of the deadliest wars of all time. So, when Iran finally struck back with precision and no fatalities Trump decided not to go further. We can all say both sides took a deep breath in solidarity.

The calmness hadn't even set in for a day due to Trump's borderline bizarre tweets leading to the aftermath of Iran's response, and his military briefing on the entire situation in general. When known GOP senators walked out of the meeting they were met by microphones ready to hear their opinions, and oh boy did they lit it rip on Mr. Trump. One thing that really stuck out is the comment on how “ this was one of the worst military briefings ever”. There was no information given beyond the basic facts, and they essentially left not knowing anything substantial but being told to act as if everything is okay. That is not okay, and at the heart of it isn’t American Democracy. The act of gaslighting Democrats and more importantly the American people into thinking this is “business as usual” is morally wrong, and will ultimately derail the re-election of many Republican senators if they don't come out and acknowledge the crisis our government truly is in.

With all the rough and tumble rolling in the very first week of the new year there is no telling how 2020 will end. Will Republicans come to their senses and denounce Trump for his absurdities or is re-election on the table for MAGA country. Can Democrats sit down and stop this deadly progression of PC culture in order to bring the country together and return us all to normalcy. Will America ever be the way it was before 45 entered office, or will we have changed for the better after experiencing this fever dream of a presidency. Who knows, but what is for sure is the cookie will eventually crumble and what is done in the dark will come to the light.

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