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The Impeachment Installment Of Ryan Murphy's 'American Crime Story' Has Been Delayed

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By Carolyn B.

Fans of TV drama auteur Ryan Murphy will have to wait for yet another of their favorite cable TV series. Murphy's pseudo-historical anthology drama American Crime Story has been delayed with no concrete air date in sight.

The season was originally slated to premiere in September of this year, but viewers may now have to wait until after the next presidential election, which will be held on Tuesday, November 3 of this year. Depending on the length of production, 2021 may not be out of the question.

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Just Too Busy

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FX network chairman John Landgraf cited Murphy's busy schedule as the reason for the delay, explaining the American Horror Story and Pose showrunner would be unable to begin production for American Crime Story until March 21. According to Landgraf, this shooting timetable would make the series physically impossible to finish until at least October noting, "[...]it's a long production."

The series does not currently have a new premiere date in mind, with Landgraf marking the show's air date status as, "TBD."

Not That Impeachment

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Despite the timing of the series, the premise, and the name, American Crime Story's third season will not be about the dramatically controversial impeachment of President Donald Trump, but the salacious trials over Bill Clinton's affair and abuse of power over then-intern Monica Lewinsky.

Murphy has previously touched on the Trump presidency on another of his flagship series with Season 7's American Horror Story: Cult in 2017, which explored the fallout of heightened racial and political tensions, existential fear, and government propaganda.

Controversy Is Not A Factor

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There was some controversy when the series premise was first announced, with some people believing the premiere date, just a few short weeks before the general 2020 election, was inappropriate.

Landgraf maintains this was not an intentional choice and that this backlash has nothing to do with the recently announced delay. He has personally read the script and aired his personal opinion of these criticisms, saying the belief that this series could affect the outcome of the election was, "[...]a little hysterical."

History Repeats Itself

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This would not be the first time one of Murphy's series has faced such delays. The second season of the soapy drama Feud was meant to tell the story of Princess Diana and Prince Charles but was scrapped, seemingly due to competition with The Crown.

Likewise, American Crime Story was once intended to feature a season that would explore the traumatic and controversial aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Landgraf stated that the material the writers had to work with was difficult to adapt, leading to the delays.

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