A photo showing Madison LeCroy, her fiancé, Brett, and her son taking a family portrait beside the pool

Madison LeCroy Of ‘Southern Charm’ Is Engaged Months After Alex Rodriguez Scandal

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By Favour Adegoke on October 17, 2021 at 11:15 AM EDT

Madison LeCroy made her fans very happy when she confirmed that she was officially engaged to her boyfriend of six months. The "Southern Charm" reality TV star revealed she said yes to her boyfriend Brett on an Amazon Live video.

She also explained that the proposal occurred during a surprise birthday dinner that he and her son planned for her.

The engagement news came just a few months after LeCroy was in the news for an alleged hookup scandal with former basketball star Alex Rodriguez.

Shortly after the accusations went public, Rodriguez, who was engaged to music star, Jennifer Lopez called off their engagement.

Here is the rundown on LeCroy's engagement to her boyfriend, and the alleged romance with Rodriguez

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LeCroy Got Engaged To Her Boyfriend Of Six Months

LeCroy and Brett were dating publicly for six months before he proposed and they got engaged.

After her announcement on the Amazon Live video, she posted a black and white picture of her and her fiance on Instagram for her followers who missed the live video. The cute photo was captioned, "When you know you know."

In an interview with Us Weekly, she said, "I am so excited and I feel like I've been trying to hold this in for quite some time and it has been one of the hardest things I've had to do."

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A beautiful photo showing Madison LeCroy and Brett kissing on a see-ride
Instagram | Madison LeCroy
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She then explained that although she had previously posted photos from the birthday dinner, she didn't share that she had gotten engaged because she wanted her family to know first.

She called the engagement an extraordinary moment for her and her family, especially because Brett asked her son for permission and got his help to plan and execute the proposal. For LeCroy, it made it even more remarkable that her son, Hudson, was involved.

She also revealed that when she called her ex-husband, Hughes, to tell him about her engagement, he was thrilled and congratulated them.

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Her Whirlwind Romance With Brett

LeCroy and Brett first met back in April on a friend's vacation trip to Arizona. According to LeCroy, "He chased me out of the restaurant and was like, 'I got to get your number and I have to take you on a date."

Even after she explained that she lives in South Carolina, states away from him in California, he immediately said it was no problem and that he would fly out to her city for their date.

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Later on, in June, LeCroy shared photos of them in Lake Tahoe, California, and captioned it "Mad Happy." At this point, Brett was still anonymous, and even till now, she has never shared much info about her fiance.

LeCroy posted several romantic photos of her and Brett throughout summer, such as the August post of them kissing, which she captioned with the Jessica Simpson song title "Take My Breath Away." She also posted a photo of them on a boat in September.

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LeCroy Is In No Rush To Get Married

With LeCroy's busy schedule in "Southern Charm," she has said that she is not in a hurry to get married to Brett.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she shared that her wedding planning would take about a year.

She said, "I definitely want to have a very chic, intimate wedding, probably with 50 to 70 people. So, nothing too crazy. I'm excited to see how all that plans out. I just know I wanna enjoy our family and keep it pretty intimate."

She also explained that even though she was previously married, she never had the experience of trying a wedding dress and properly feeling like a bride. With Brett's large family and her large family, LeCroy has noted that keeping her guest list below a hundred people will be challenging.

The Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez Cheating Scandal

Per PEOPLE, LeCroy was also in the news earlier this year when she was accused of having an affair with Alex Rodriguez by her co-star on "Southern Charm," Craig Conover.

He claimed that she was flying around the country to sleep with married men during quarantine and specified that the men were Ex-MLB players. Rumors later flew round that the man LeCroy had slept with was Rodriguez.

However, LeCroy denied having any sexual or physical relationship with him. She said that they had never met up or been physical with each other and that all they did was speak on the phone in "innocent and harmless" calls.

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A photo showing Madison LeCroy sporting a yellow outfit and matching bag.
Instagram | Madison LeCroy

A source who is close to Rodriguez also told PEOPLE that, "It's a B.S. story. Alex has never met her."

Nevertheless, many fans of Rodriguez and his ex-fiance, Jennifer Lopez, have expressed that the scandalous rumors caused Rodriguez and Lopez's split.

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