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Katherine Webb looks amazing in bikini photo, and her skin looks flawless.

Katherine Webb Wife Of AJ McCarron Says She Left The Spotlight To Be With Family

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Celebrities sometimes find it hard to juggle their personal lives with their famous lives. Some of them have to give up one for the other to be able to get a hold of their lives. This is usually not an easy decision to make as most celebrities have worked most of their lives trying to make a name for themselves. They become conflicted with picking their careers over family and vice versa.

While some celebrities stick with their careers, others abandon it to take care of their families.


Katherine Webb, the wife of AJ McCarron revealed that she made the decision to leave her modeling career, so she can start a family with her partner.

What really happened to Katherine Webb?

In 2013, Webb became a prominent face among fans when she played as the focal point for BCS at the championship level. Later on, a commercial held by Carl Jr. known as the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition," hosted Webb. According to reports, Webb was on her way to becoming one of the biggest people in the world.

Katherine Webb looks incredible in this pink knee-length dress with silver sandals to match
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Unfortunately, she disappeared from the spotlight after a while without prior notice and fans kept wondering what had happened to her. It took a while before anyone could find out details about her, as she disappeared finally from the public eye. Some months later, Webb revealed via her Instagram page that she left the public's eye on purpose. She went on to explain that the fame and publicity she received made things unbearable and uncomfortable for her. She revealed that it felt like she was getting choked by the attention fans were giving to her.

Katherine Webb looks amazing in this white slit dress, as she shows off her tanned leg.
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Webb also explained that the one thing she hated about being a celebrity is the fact that her personal life was out in the open. She said that she could not bear to see that everything about her life was in the public's eye made her feel insecure. In essence, Webb revealed that she prefers the solo life she got to live with AJ McCarron who played quarterback for Houston Texas, and her two kids. Webb has always loved to live a private life, so making the decision to leave her career behind for family was pretty easy.


While she was still in the spotlight, Webb engaged in a series of events that made her a force to be reckoned with within the industry. Aside from featuring in "Sports Illustrated," she teamed with Chrissy Teigen at the Guys Choice Award to present an MVP award to the winner.

Since her decision to focus on her personal life, Webb says she has had things go easy for her. Although a low-key life is different from the life that most celebrities live, at the end of the day, it is everyone's choice that matters.

We wish Katherine Webb all the best!

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