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Taylor Swift Deserves GLAAD's LGBTQ+ Ally Award -- Here's Why!

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Stephanie Elmir

Taylor Swift is being honored with a GLAAD Media Award for being an LGBTQ+ Ally! However, some critics doubt that she's deserving of the title, especially since she's only recently become active in LGBTQ+ advocacy.

People's awareness and opinions can change over time, and should not be chastised when they finally come out to help the little guy. Not to mention, Swift has always been kind to her fanbase, constantly connecting with them. Here are a few reasons why she is worthy!

Swift Provides Platform For Drag Queens

Giphy | Taylor Swift

Drag queens are a normal part of the pop culture zeitgeist now, Rupaul having created the most important platform of them all, "Rupaul's Drag Race". But it's not without the help of straight allies like Taylor Swift that Rupaul and her contestants can thrive in all parts of the entertainment industry.

In Swift's music video "You Need To Calm Down" she plays host to many talented girls including Jade Jolie and Adore Delano, fan favorites of "Rupaul's Drag Race".

It's up to popular artists like Swift to continue providing a platform for drag stars who would otherwise only be successful within a smaller community. Exposure like this music video will also inspire other artists to hire drag queens in their work, providing more economy for these hardworking artists.

Swift Provides Platform For LBGTQ+ Musical Artists

Giphy | 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

In the same "You Need To Calm Down" music video, Swift also gives a platform to a rising LGBTQ+ musical artist, Haley Kiyoko. It's hard out there when it comes to backlash for LGBTQ+ artists, and it's even harder in the cut-throat music industry where everything has to be labeled and made for mass production.

As an alternative pop artist amongst many, Hayley Kiyoko is talented, but it doesn't hurt to have Taylor Swift's vast fan base to continue supporting her work too.

Democratic Advocate

Taylor Swift has been strategic in keeping her political opinions to herself for many years, but a Tennessee election caused her to stand up and make a statement. Republican Marsha Blackburn was running for Senate, and amongst having made bigoted stances on domestic violence, stalking, and date rape, Blackburn openly supported businesses refusing service to LGBTQ+ persons.

Swift got a ton of backlash and criticism for her statement against Blackburn, other Tennesse artists like Kid Rock insulting her with sexist libel. There's no doubt that Taylor Swift risked her career and losing fans for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Supporting The Equality Act

In another post, Taylor Swift emphasized to her fans and admirers the importance of writing to local representatives. In this instance, she pleaded with Republican Senator of Tennessee Lamar Alexander to help pass the Equality Act, which protects LQBTQ+ persons from discrimination.

Moreover, in the same post, she made a stance against Donald Trump, shaming him for demeaning the LGBTQ+ community even though he promised protection during his candidacy run.

This isn't a front, Swift is a true LGBTQ+ ally!

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