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Justin Bieber’s Debut Return song 'Yummy' Is Not So Appetizing

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By kenadijiba

Justin Bieber and his mediocre return to music after many years of being in the shadows. The song, "Yummy" wasn’t generally well and was kind of a letdown. With basic words and a gnawing chorus people seemed to expect more from the artist who took over the world with beloved album “Purpose”. The fact that this song had multiple writers shows that maybe Justin should re-listen to this coming album before releasing it to the whole world.

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To many fans surprise it seems as if pop sensation Justin Bieber's debut single “Yummy” from his much anticipated album coming out this year wasn’t too appetizing. Countless comments from “beliebers” along with reaction videos posted all over Youtube show how mediocre this single really is. It’s a bit disheartening considered his prior work and how lyrically enticing his last album “Purpose” was. Something that the star might be facing is a loss of ability, and he wouldn't be the first to experience such a moment. With icons like the deceased Whitney Houston along with Mariah Carey slowly noticing that the “gift” they so effortlessly had at bay surely is drifting away this can be a disturbing wake-up call.

Could genuine happiness be stalling Justin’s creativity? An old wives tale says that most entertainers usually do their best work in the beginning of their journeys due to the sheer grit and will to become successful. Once they get to that adorned spot they don't know how to relate back to that hungry 19 year old who spent night after night dying for a way in. Their struggles become ones the general public can in no way relate to and so they lose face, and in turn their fan base. It’s unsure if Bieber’s end to the constant cycle of breaking up and then getting back together with actress Selena Gomez has surely made his life better, but made his work worse.

Does chaos breed change? Many would say yes and that is why musicians often times go out of their way to get involved in the scandal, drugs, and risky behaviours. Can you be creative without these things? Surely you can but for every person this journey is ultimately different. Justin Bieber growing up in the spotlight from the tender age of 14 to now has experienced such a traumatic whirlwind. From some psychiatric viewpoints when dissecting the celebrity mindset they find that from the age you become famous to however old you are now it could freeze said performer, actor, or singer at “14” or “16 or whatever age they became known, forever. With Justin Bieber, it could be a combination of that and some other things. Right now looking at his new music the public are positively sure he can make a comeback of deserved proportion. But hey crazier things have definitely happened, and Justin Bieber could shock us all.

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