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Ashton Kutcher Is Raking In Money By Investing In These Companies

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac
By Zachary Holt

The tale is as old as time. Celebrities and athletes who make ridiculous amounts of money find a way to blow it all and then file for bankruptcy. It's the typical notion of what it is to be 'new money'. This is not always the case, though, as some have been able to develop avenues that produce residual income through smart investments.

Some names that come to mind include Shaq and Jessica Alba. Well, go ahead and add Ashton Kutcher to the list. The 'Dude Where's My Car' and 'Punk'd' star, usually known for his comedy and quirkiness, has also been quite the savvy businessman by investing in companies that have produced him quite the profit margins.

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The Investments That Started It All

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Kutcher had more brains behind the seemingly mindless roles he's portrayed in film and on television. From the gate, he decided to make smart investments in up and coming restaurants such as Geisha House and Dolce. From there he developed his own production company called Katalyst.

The development would be a life-changer for Kutcher, though. Looking for financiers and other investors, he found Ron Conway. Conway took Kutcher under his wing and truly showed him how to manage money, along with all the ins and outs that came along with investing.

"He completely opened up his investment portfolio to me and really started explaining to me how things worked and what his strategy was. He has probably been my biggest mentor,' Kutcher said. The knowledge that Kutcher obtained from Conway eventually led him to even be a guest investor on the hit show Shark Tank.

Kutcher Appearing on Shark Tank, Investing in Beebo

Gettyimages | Steve Jennings

While he appeared on Shark Tank, Kutcher did make a deal with a company looking for investors, known as Beebo. It was a brand that produced straps that would hold baby bottles, something very useful for the parent with only two hands and a million things to carry around for their children.

Kutcher invested $200,000 with Beebo and the company has taken off, thanks to not only his monetary investment, but also the name recognition associated with the brand, as well as, being a new dad, himself.

Aside from Beebo, Kutcher has been very strategic in where he's invested his money. Many of those investments were in tech-oriented startups, but suffice it to say, he had the wherewithal to see untapped potential in otherwise, unproven companies and technology.

An Initial Investor in Tech Startup Companies

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant

The average person might be able to recognize some of the companies that Kutcher initially invested in during the early stages of their operations. They include Spotify, Airbnb, and Uber, just to name a few. Overall, he's got investments in twelve large and successful companies.

Kutcher also founded a venture capital fund company known as A-grade Investments in 2010 and was valued at over 100 million dollars only three years after its founding. And from his success with A-grade, he went on to found another investment firm named Sound Ventures in 2015, which is also doing very well.

A Network That Is Ridiculously Impressive Thanks to Smart Investing

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

It's no surprise from all the very smart investments that Kutcher has made over the years, his net worth has now superseded 200 million dollars. Something that is no easy task to attain.

More importantly, though, this is such a refreshing story because it's a rarity when people fall into large sums of money. But you can bet that Kutcher will be making many more investments in other companies, only further producing profits that are sure to increase his overall net worth.

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