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Ashley Graham poses in a satin bra

Ashley Graham, 9 Months Pregnant, Chows Down On In-N-Out Burger In A Floral Bikini

Ashley Graham/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Ashley Graham is literally about to pop. The body-positive plus-size model is 9 months pregnant, although she hasn't let it get in the way of wearing a bikini – or chowing down on some In-N-Out.

Ashley kicked Tuesday off by taking to Instagram with a video of herself that's left her fans craving the popular burger chain's items – alongside praising a heavily pregnant woman for braving her burger fest in a bikini. If anyone's got personality, it's this girl.

You can see the footage of Ashley's bikini burger fest here.

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'Come To Mama': Seriously, That Burger

In-N-Out burgers
Ashley Graham/Instagram

The footage showed Ashley standing in a multi-colored and floral-print bikini and backed by water and swaying palms. Ashley, 32, was clapping her hands as an anonymous hand picked up a juicy-looking burger from In-N-Out, eventually leading it towards an excited-looking Graham.

"Oh yeah, come to mama," Ashley said as the burger approached her.

She then grabbed it and tucked right in, closing her eyes as she took the first bite.

The video was followed by two still photos. These showed Ashley's giant bump as she wore a striped bikini, plus a black one with blue details.

A Caption Gets Honest About Her Pregnant Body

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin cradle her bump
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley took to her caption with words that will likely empower any pregnant woman.

"Come to mama πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” Anyone else feel like being pregnant gave you a whole new appreciation for your body?? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ," she wrote.

"It’s also given me insights as designer and I’m so excited to see that reflected in my new @swimsuitsforall collection! The real test when we were designing this line was that none of these are maternity suits!! All I had to do was size up and they are still supportive and have an amazing fit," Ashley added.

Yes, the post was a promotional one, but with a burger that juicy and a hot pregnant momma-to-be, nobody seems to be fussed over in the comments section.

Instagram Is In Love (And Kinda Craving In-N-Out)

Ashley Graham poses while pregnant
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley's Instagram followers are all over the post.

"Ur having a great time and I love itπŸ’•," one fan wrote.

"Yassss!! @in_and_out_burger," another said.

The video also brought out women talking about their own pregnancy experiences.

"Something I didn’t expect was I had the healthiest relationship with food that i have ever had while pregnant! I could eat three real meals a day and some snacks. Prior to and nowadays it’s hard for me to eat β€œright”!" one user said.

"Absolutely stunning" was another comment.

The Troll Who Asks 'Are U Not Fat Enough?'

Ashley Graham lying down
Wikimedia |

Ashley is proud of her shape. The model's TED Talk saw her calling plus-size "more like MY size," with her profile on social media generally seen to be inspiring. Nude pregnancy posts have also gone down well for Ashley.

That said, not everyone in the comments section was a fan – there's always a troll, right?

"Are u not fat enough?" one fan wrote.

Then again, another user (who received likes) predicted that Ashley might face just this.

"Now we wait for that one comment to be all that's not healthy, you're glorifying obesity," they wrote.

Ashley has been married to director Justin Ervin since 2010. The star's pregnancy has proven a giant deal, even seeing her ask advice on positions for sex during pregnancy.

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