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Age has nothing on Joaquin Phoenix as he looks amazing in a T-shirt and tie, with a black sweatshirt.

Joaquin Phoenix Gets Played By Reporters And He Snapped

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Joaquin Phoenix is a respectable and amazing actor in the industry, and after his recent movie titled "Joker," the 45-year-old has been the topic on the lips of millions of fans. Fans were once again excited for the actor, when he won a Golden Globes award for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama."

After receiving his deserved accolades, the actor mistakenly entered into a press room to answer questions. This was not what he anticipated, and at that moment, he dawned on him that he had been tricked.

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The reporters in the room were definitely not looking forward to see the angry side of Joaquin, but their actions caused it. The actor mentioned immediately, that he was displeased with what they had done, as someone told him outside the door that people were waiting in the room to take pictures.

The first question that a reporter in the room threw at him was;

"How did you prepare for your role as the Joker," This is one question that media houses and interviewers have asked over again, and the actor was clearly tired of it.


"Isn't that old news? he snapped!

The actor mentioned that he has described this answer for reporters for over six months and he is tired of doing it. He went on to ask the reporters how else they wanted him to explain how he prepared for the role, but no one said anything. Joaquin may not have responded this way had the reporters not tricked him into a room, because most people get defensive when they are forced to do something.

Joaquin Phoenix lets out a dashing smile for the camera in this photo and he looks amazing
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After staring at the room full of reporters, the actor had no choice but to begin a proper narration for everyone in the room. According to the actor, he first researched extensively on medications and political assassins. After this, he decided to begin a weight loss routine. In the movie, Phoenix appeared to have lost so much weight to make him look the part of the weird Joker. The actor also said that there were other things he had to do to make his character unique, but he could not remember at that moment.

Joaquin Phoenix makes an appearance on the green carpet, during the premiere of a film he featured in titled "Joker"
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The next question Phoenix had to answer, was from a reporter who wanted to know if a Joker sequel was under construction. This rumor has been going around on social media and while many fans are excited about it, it still remains untrue until confirmed otherwise. The reporter also asked Phoenix to comment on the speculations that if a sequel comes out, it will tarnish the image of the film.

The actor was confused at that moment, but he ended his speech by saying that if he was involved in a sequel, it will only aim at expanding the relevance of his character.

Did the reporters go too far by tricking Joaquin Phoenix Let us know in the comment section below.

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