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Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber: How She Really Feels About Selena Gomez and Internet Trolls

Gettyimages | Sebastian Reuter
By Sarah Veldman

It would make sense that the ex-girlfriend and new wife of a man would not exactly be best friends, or even get along at all, however when the relationships involve celebrities and the media, things can get as frosty as the North Pole.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dated on and off for years, sharing a relationship that was fodder for the tabloids, with rumors going around like wildfire every time the two stepped out together.

Now, with Justin married to Hailey Bieber, it would make sense that tensions would be thick between the two ladies.

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Hailey Doesn't Consider There To Be A Feud With Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez performing
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Despite rumors, sources told Us Weekly at the end of November that Hailey does not "consider there to be a feud" between her and Selena and that Justin has made her "feel very confident about their relationship."

No matter how confident your husband makes you feel though, it would make sense that any woman might be jealous or threatened by his very serious ex-girlfriend.

Despite this, it seems the two women are not on bad terms. And what of the music Selena has recently put out?

What Did Hailey Think Of Selena Gomez' New Song?

Selena Gomez performing
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre/AMA2019

A source told Us Weekly, “Hailey wasn’t mad about ‘Lose You To Love Me’ at all. Hailey thinks Selena is talented."

They continued, "By liking photos of Selena, whether it be a glam shot or ones that her friends post on Instagram, Hailey wants to show that there are no hard feelings. It’s her way of trying to make peace and show her support for Selena in a low key way, yet public way.”

The two gorgeous ladies have been liking each other's Instagram pictures, in a bid to show there is no bad blood between them.

Hailey Is Hurt By Social Media Trolls

Hailey Bieber
Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON

Hailey has clearly been having a difficult time on social media as of late, calling the platforms “a breeding ground for cruelty."

The stunning model has found it difficult to be on the internet lately, especially on Twitter and Instagram. She recently made an Instagram post, calling out the trolls who constantly criticize.

She wrote, “I would say my most favorite part of existing is human connection. I absolutely love connecting with other people, I love finding common interests between me and others, hearing people’s story, I love laughing with others, and I love crying with others. I feel so very very deeply.”

Hailey is clearly very sensitive to the negativity that can oftentimes appear online, finding that it brings her down quite frequently.

She Made A Lengthy Post On Instagram


Hailey continued her post, writing, "Instagram, Twitter etc is SUCH a breeding ground for cruelty towards each other, and because people don’t take the time to connect with each other on an honest level before they resort to hatred, it starts to damage what could be really beautiful human interaction and connection. I could sit here all day and say the hate doesn’t bug me, that the words that are said don’t affect me. But NEWS FLASH: it hurts to be torn apart on the internet!!!”

Being an absolutely beautiful model clearly doesn't make her immune to the negativity that is so frequently put online, behind anonymous screens.

Hopefully, Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez both find happiness outside social media, leaving behind the cruel comments of the internet.

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