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Angelina Pivarnick looks breath-taking in this purple low-cut jumpsuit and a red purse to match.

Angelina Pivarnick Addresses Plastic Surgery Accusations From Fans

Gettyimages | Santiago Felipe
By Favour

Angelina Pivarnick was recently faced with rumors from fans who could not believe their eyes. The actress looked almost unrecognizable and many believe that she has indulged in plastic surgery operations. The 33-year-old actress took to her Instagram page to share lovely pictures of herself, and this sparked a lot of speculations. In the comment section of her page, trolls mentioned that there was no way the actress looks so different without visiting a plastic surgeon. In the photo, her make-up was well done and her skin popped.

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The actress captioned her post with a gratitude message to everyone who signed up for the Live Master Class. She also announced that a new class will be starting soon. She also used the opportunity to thank her business partner and every other person that gave their time and resources to the success of the class.

Many of her fans complimented her pictures, talking about how beautiful and gorgeous she looked in it. However, things went bad when some trolls came at the actress.


"Ohh! This is not the same face from when you came back to the shore. Yikes, easy on the plastic surgery, girl!!!" said a troll.

The reality star's response to the comment explained that she was on heavy make-up. She also went on to say that coming to her page to say wrong things about her was not in any way acceptable. From her response, it was obvious that Pivarnick did not appreciate the comment about her getting a plastic surgery.

Angelina Pivarnick stuns in a black transparent dress, with shiny cross designs.
Gettyimages | Jim Spellman

"Wait... This looks like a plastic Barbie," said another troll.

There were several comments accusing the star actress of going under the knife, but she did her best to clap back at most of them. In her defense, her make-up was that good, for it to look like a surgery had been done on her face. Pivarnick told the trolls to keep dictating what she can and cannot do with her face, because it is her choice.

It is true that many female celebrities result to surgery when they need something changed on their bodies, but that does not mean that every actress indulges in this act.

Angelina Pivarnick looks like an angel in this split white dress that leaves nothing to imagination in her curves area.
Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

Angelina Pivarnick was clearly on a heavy make-up that made her face look very thin and smooth. However, many believed that she had a face job recently.

Angelina Marie Pivarnick was born on June 26, 1986 and is known as a popular American television personality. Her debut role came in an MTV reality show titled "Jersey Shore." In 2010, the actress dabbled into music and released a song titled "I'm Hot." In 2016, she registered as an EMT with New York City and in 2018, she got engaged to her one-year boyfriend, Chris Larangeira.

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