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Has Kylie Jenner Moved on From Travis Scott?

Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi
By Natalie Hunter

Kylie Jenner is proving in 2020 that she is doing just fine without ex Travis Scott. Despite the fact that he made an appearance at the KarJenner holiday party, the couple has not gotten back together since they split in October 2019. Jenner doesn't seem that torn up about it as she's been posting pictures of herself clubbing in the bar with friends. She even posted a picture that featured a mystery man. Fans are dying to know if that's Jenner's beau.

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Jenner post a picture of herself wearing a sparkly dress covering her face with her cellphone. She wrote, "when the tequila hits 😂🎉🎈🥂," in the captions.

However, what one fan noticed more was the man sitting next to her holding the bottle of tequila while drinking a cocktail.

“Okay but like who’s the guy holding the bottle.. 😝🍾,” wrote one user Instagram commented. “Should we know this dude? i still don’t know what this man is famous for,” another confused user inquired.


However, according to Perez Hilton, the mystery man and Jenner are just friends. He has been identified as Zack Bia. While he himself is not a celebrity, he has been spotted clubbing with Drake and The Weeknd on occasion. Jenner and Bia have reportedly been friends for years. However, they are just friends and there is no romantic connection between the two party goers. Looks like Jenner is still single and ready to mingle after splitting up with Travis Scott.


Jenner has certainly been living it up with her new singleness. Before 2019 ended, she posted one last picture showing off her body and flaunting what she's got.

"just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap😫🖤🖤 pic by @victoriavillarroel," Jenner wrote in the caption.

Many Instagram users admired and complimented Jenner's curves in the comments section.

"2019 was a good year for you 🔥 2020 will be better than ever!" Johnny Cyrus wrote.

"love you," the photographer commented. "so hot."


However, Travis Scott claims he wasn't caught in her thirst trap. On the same that Jenner posted her sexy shots, Scott wrote, "LOL" on his Instagram story. Either he isn't falling for Jenner's temptations or he has and is just pretending not to. Either way, he has clearly noticed the steamy pics. He also dissed Jenner in his latest rap track “Gatti." He dissed her new lifestyle raising Stormi with the lyrics “Duck away, she just wanna lay up and hibernate / I took a chance, it’s a lot to take."

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