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Is Adele Getting Too Thin? New Vacation Photos Divide Fans On Singer's Health

By Gary Trock

Adele is living her best life as the new year kicks off, and although she's lean and mean and ready to kick butt in 2020, some fans are worried the singer's slimmed-down physique is leaving her too thin. The "Rolling In the Deep" singer was spotted this week while vacationing in paradise with Harry Styles and James Corden. The trio of celebs have been ringing in the new year in Anguilla, and although they've been keeping it low key, the locals and fans immediately took notice of the star power that descended onto the island!

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Once it was realized that Adele and Harry Styles were vacationing together, many fans thought it was an obvious collab for an upcoming song.

"Imagine if harry and Adele write a song ,it will literally break the record and it would be so sad and full of meanings and feelings," one fan wrote.

Others commented, "If Harry and Adele wrote a song together I’m convinced the entire world would just collapse."

Others were just happy to see the two stars together, pointing out that although they've known each other for years, they keep their friendship out of the public eye. They haven't yet been spotted together in the same picture, but keen superfans have been able to piece together the photographic evidence.

Too Thin?


Adele has been working hard on her fitness ever since splitting from her husband of seven years, and baby daddy, Simon Konecki last April.

In October, she showed off her slimmed-down figure and everyone went wild. However, it appears Adele is still on her fitness game and has continued to shed lbs, and now people are starting to debate on the singer's overall health.

"wait adele looks way too skinny here should we get worried?" one fan questioned.

"It’s normal for the skin to drop when you undergo weight loss. She’s showing no outward signs of malnutrition. Im super happy for her journey," someone else responded.

One person thought that Adele's dramatic weight loss has caused her to look like "American Horror Story" actress Sarah Paulson.

Fans Divided

@adele / Instagram

One fan suggested that the debate over Adele's physical appearance is because the public is so used to her previous figure.

"I bet that she's been on diet to get to her ideal weight, which is great for her but we're not used to see her like that before so that's why it's so shocking, but I don't think we should be worried, she knows what she does," they wrote.

Others defended Adele and wrote that she looks "perfect" and that nobody needs to comment on her physical appearance.

One fan summed it up pretty well, writing:

"When she was obese y’all called her ‘too fat’ now that she lost weight y’all calling her ‘too skinny’. Forget that definition of perfect body and let that grown independent woman live HER LIFE. Adele herself once said ‘I make music for ears, not eyes’."

How She Lost the Weight

@adele / Instagram

Adele first debuted her slimmed-down figure back in October at Drake's 33rd birthday party, which was held at Goya Studios in Los Angeles. She had filed for divorce from her husband, Simon Konecki, and was clearly working on her breakup-bod.

As for how she lost the weight, the singer reportedly hired a personal trainer and now works out "three times a week" doing 60-minute sessions of both cardio and circuit training.

She's also been sharing a much more active lifestyle on social media, which included a summer of outdoor activities, including hiking and boating.

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