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Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Nick Gordon Found Dead on New Year's Day: Also Overdosed One Month Before Death

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Clarissa Wilson

On New Year's Day, just three days ago, Nick Gordon was found unresponsive in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida. Nick Gordon was Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex-fiance and the man who was found guilty for playing a role in her death in 2015 when she was just 22. He was ordered to pay $36 million to her estate and although found guilty at the time, has always denied and even says he tried to save her life.

Although the toxicology report has not been made public, according to reports, Gordon was on drugs pretty bad before his life ended. In fact, he had overdosed one month before his death on New Year's Day when a family member revived him with Narcan.

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Nick Gordon
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However, Gordon wasn't lucky this time because his death happened when no one else was there to help bring him back. The person who found Gordon dead in his hotel room, and called 911 said he had 'black stuff coming out of his mouth' and 'was not conscious' and 'not breathing.' Although the autopsy toxicology report has not confirmed the cause of death yet, his family and friends think he overdosed on black tar heroin. Black tar heroin is a deadlier and cheaper form of the drug.

Nick Gordon
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Before his death, his own father, Jack Walker Jr., had spoken to him in the final hours before he was found dead and said he sounded happy. He said, "I spoke with Nick during the day. He seemed happy, he seemed calm, everything was going good. He was a free spirit, he was in a good state of mind. Everything that Nick was doing was great. He told me 2020 was going to be better than 2019. He had a great job."

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown
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Although he was found unresponsive by someone in the hotel, the person who found him called for an ambulance and they took him to the hospital to try to save his life. After being gone for 15 minutes, they got his heart beating again but he kept dying on them and they had to keep bringing him back over and over again.

Gordon's brother said, "Our father called me early and said, 'Son, get to the hospital. Nick is in ICU and it does not look good.' From what our dad told me, the police found him in the hotel room at 6 a.m. Apparently he had been dead for 15 minutes. The paramedics got his heart beating again, and at the hospital, it kept stopping so they had to keep bringing him back.

He continued, "When I arrived at the hospital they had him attached to so many tubes, they were literally bringing him back to life again and again. It was too late."

Nick Gordon
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Nick Gordon was engaged to Bobbi Kristina Brown, who was the daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub from a drug overdose at the age of 48 in 2012.

Three years later, Houston and Brown's daughter, and Gordon's ex-fiance, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found dead the same exact way her mother was, in a bathtub after overdosing on drugs as well. Gordon was found guilty of being a part of her death but had always denied playing a part.

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown
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In fact, Gordon said he tried to save her life instead of playing a role in her death.

What do you think about this? Isn't it sad about the role drugs play in these young people's lives and are the reason for their deaths? First, Whitney Houston dies from a drug overdose at 48 and was found in her bathtub. Just like her mother, Bobbi Kristina Brown was also found dead in her bathtub after overdosing on drugs. Now, the man who was found guilty of playing a role in her death and who was also her ex-fiance was found dead in his hotel room from an apparent drug overdose.

Although Gordon's father said Nick was doing good, according to reports, he seemed to be going downhill after overdosing a month ago. He was reportedly homeless and was living in a hotel room in Florida.

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