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Halle Berry Gets Wet For First 'Fitness Friday' Of 2020

By Jeff Mazzeo

Halle Berry likes it hot... and cold! Of course, we are talking about her love for showers or, as she calls it, "hydrotherapy."

The 53-year-old lit up 2019 with her amazing "#FitnessFriday" posts and now she is taking 2020 by storm. Okay, she's taking 2020 by steady stream but we can only imagine that she has great water pressure. She shared a sultry photo of herself in the shower but it is not too risque because risqué because she is rocking a black one-piece swimsuit. She looks DAMN GOOD though!

"Welcome to the first #FitnessFriday of #2020!" the star exclaimed. "To me, nothing is more important than starting the new year off purifying with some good old fashion hydrotherapy!"

Scroll down to find out how she likes her private shower time.

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'Starting The New Year Off Purifying'


Halle went into fascinating detail about her how she gets down in a standup shower.

"Let’s leave the toxins of 2019 behind! A hot steam is one of my favorite things in the whole world, and it’s for a good reason," she explained. "It purifies, relieves muscle soreness and respiratory issues, increases your circulation and calms anxiety."

The actress then revealed that she likes to swing that diverter valve both ways.

"How about a polar bear plunge?" Berry asked her millions of followers. "A cold shower can be LIFE changing! Cold water tightens the skin and stimulates blood flow, accelerates metabolism, increases alertness and can treat depression."

"I love taking a hot steam and then taking a cold shower or bath right after. I challenge you to try this today and see how it makes you feel..."

First Post Of 2020


All of her fans waited with bated breath for her "Fitness Friday" post because her first official post of the new year was a doozy. It featured the actress with no shirt staring out into the beautiful ocean.

"#2020 sure looks beautiful 🌊," she wrote in the caption of her post.

We don't think many fans were thought the ocean was the most beautiful thing in the pic.

Last Year Was Looking Pretty Good


A few days ago, Halle shared her "Top 9" most liked posts on Instagram from last year just like every other celebrity. But the 53-year-old actress blew them all out of the water when she posted a collection of her best pics and vids.

"Thank you for riding with me on this platform. I appreciate you and that special feeling I get from ALL of you. Happy 2020!! ✨♥️✨ #TopNine," Halle wrote in the caption of her post.

As you can tell, we have decided to keep "riding" with Halle this year and every year.

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