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Halle Berry at a talk show

Halle Berry Kicks 2020 Off In A Swimsuit With Soaking-Wet COLD Shower, Then Challenges You To Do The Same

Halle Berry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

While one half of Hollywood rocks bikinis on luxurious-looking shores, Halle Berry is keeping it raw, real, and cold.

The Oscar-winning actress kicked 2020 off by taking to Instagram and sharing her soaking-wet and swimsuit-clad body from the inside of a shower. Halle revealed that her shower wasn't exactly at a comfortable temperature – this 53-year-old had turned the heat right down (although her fans are likely thinking that the photo turned the heat right up).

Halle didn't just flash her soaked body for the camera, though. She explained the whole thing, then challenged her followers to do the same.

'How About A Polar Bear Plunge?'

Halle Berry in the shower
Halle Berry/Instagram

The photo of Halle taking a shower in a black swimsuit came captioned with encouragement.

"Welcome to the first #FitnessFriday of #2020! To me, nothing is more important than starting the new year off purifying with some good old fashion hydrotherapy! Let’s leave the toxins of 2019 behind! A hot steam is one of my favorite things in the whole world, and it’s for a good reason," Halle began.

"It purifies, relieves muscle soreness and respiratory issues, increases your circulation and calms anxiety. How about a polar bear plunge? A cold shower can be LIFE changing!" she added.

Take A Look At This Body And You Might Be Tempted To Give It A Go

Halle Berry lifts shirt to reveal washboard abs
Halle Berry/Instagram

FYI, that's not Photoshop. Halle has been making headlines for sustaining injuries during a fight scene in her upcoming MMA "Bruised" movie, and it looks like she's whipped herself into the best shape she's ever been in.

Halle's caption continued by saying: "Cold water tightens the skin and stimulates blood flow, accelerates metabolism, increases alertness and can treat depression."

"I love taking a hot steam and then taking a cold shower or bath right after. I challenge you to try this today and see how it makes you feel, and check stories today for a few more of my favorite things in the new year," she concluded as she wished her fans a happy Friday.

Literally The Opposite Of The Rest Of Hollywood

Britney Spears poses in a purple bikini
Britney Spears/Instagram

If you haven't been keeping tabs on how the celebs have been ringing in the New Year, it can be summed up in one word: bikinis.

Already rocking bikinis to ring in 2020 have been Britney Spears (she was doing yoga in hers), Selena Gomez) (reclining on a yacht), Jennifer Aniston (in a string bikini in Mexico), and Larsa Pippen (in selfie mode and not hiding much).

Halle herself kicked off 2020 with a stunning topless photo reminding fans of her low-key vibes and ability to deliver her sexy figure without being too provocative.

Captions From Halle Always Make You Want To Hit The Gym

Halle Berry with folded arms in a sports bra
Halle Berry/Instagram

Unless they're mediation-centric. Halle is hugely into mindfulness and meditation. A post at the end of 2019 saw the star reveal what meditation means to her, alongside revealing her plans to earn herself another martial arts belt.

"Setting an intention is the perfect way to re-ignite our fitness practice, opening our hearts to a new year and allowing the universe to work her magic. I have found that quiet meditation each day, even if for only 30 minutes, really helps me stay aligned with my fitness goals. Next year, my intention is to earn another belt in Jiu Jitsu!" she wrote.

Cold shower with a chance to look like Halle. Worth a shot?

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