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Those Allegedly Abused Sexually As Children by Michael Jackson Can Now Sue

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By Zachary Holt

The accusations against Michael Jackson have always been a highly contested subject of debate.

For some, there's not a fathomable way that he was every engaging in any pedophilic behavior, with the rationale for his odd behavior stemming from the explanation that he was simply living out the childhood which was robbed from him.

For others, though, the inappropriate contact he had with children, as well as, the amount of time he spent with them was more than enough to feel convinced that there was something nefarious going on in the situation.

Still, we may never know. This will not stop a couple of accusers that now have gotten the green light to pursue legal action after a law passed in the state of California, extending the statute of limitations for such crimes.

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California Passes New Law on Statute of Limitations

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On January 1st, the state of California passed a new law that moved the age limit that a person could file civil lawsuits for child sexual abuse from age 26 to age 40.

Equally as important is this law now allows third party entities that are affiliated with the defendants, and who knew or should have known about the abuse that took place, to take on the liability and responsibility for the crime.

And in this case, the law will be applied to production companies associated with Michael Jackson's performance and recording corporate entities.

The Appellate Judge's Court Ruling

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On Friday, a California appeals court overturned the previous ruling that Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two plaintiffs that accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them as children, couldn't pursue damages against MJJ Productions, Inc., and MJJ Ventures, Inc., because their respective ages were outside the statute of limitations and neither of the entities could be held liable for Jackson's alleged actions.

The ruling by appeals court judge stated, "The corporations do not dispute these revisions apply to plaintiffs’ nonfatal cases still pending on appeal, rendering their claims timely. We agree and find their dispute under the previous statutory provisions to be moot."

Statement from Representation of the Plaintiffs

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The implications and the precedent set by this ruling could be substantial in the case against Michael Jackson, as there may be more victims that come out and decide to pursue charges against those entities that were directly affiliated with the late pop star.

As for Robson and Safechuck, their legal representation issued a statement to Rolling Stone Magazine. "We’re pleased the appellate court has affirmed the strong protections that California has for sexual abuse victims and recognized the extended statute of limitations that it provides."

The Implications of the New Law


It's unknown whether more alleged victims will come out and decide to pursue charges against MJJ Productions, Inc., and MJJ Ventures Inc., but a clear path is now set to do so, should others make claims against the late Jackson.

It will be interesting in moving forward as to how this new law will apply to other cases involving the alleged sexual abuse to other children, but one thing's for sure, it's a move in the right direction, not just for the victims that were affected, but also for the justice system as a whole.

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