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Rapper DaBaby

Why Was Rapper DaBaby Arrested Twice Within Two Weeks?

Gettyimages | Miikka Skaffari
By Clarissa Wilson

The 28-year-old rapper, DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathon Lyndale Kirk was arrested twice within two weeks. His first arrest was on December 23, 2019, and then he was arrested a second time on January 2, 2020.

The first time he was arrested on December 23, 2019, happened after a concert of his in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. After showing up for his Holiday performance right before Christmas time, about '15 cops', according to DaBaby, swarmed all around his vehicle.

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According to reports, the police smelled the strong smell of marijuana and also saw a marijuana plant in his car. Allegedly, they agreed to let him perform at the concert in Charlotte but wanted to talk to him after the concert was finished.

Although police said he agreed to speak with them after he was done performing for the night, he avoided them and refused to speak with them like he allegedly agreed to in the first place. Because he resisted arrest, and because they smelled marijuana coming from his car when he first got there and even saw a marijuana plant inside, he was arrested on a count of misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Since he refused to speak with them, resisting them, they also arrested him for resisting arrest.

Rapper DaBaby
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However, luck must have been on his side since once the police transported him to the police station, they decided to let him go and just give him two tickets. TMZ reports that DaBaby says he was wrongfully targeted and arrested by the police in his hometown of Charlotte. Since he is alleging this, the Charlotte police department is investigating whether the officers had a right to 'swarm' his car in the first place and even arrest him. In other words, did the Charlotte police force follow proper protocol when it came to this arrest?

Rapper DaBaby
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On January 2, 2020, the second arrest was by Miami police, within two weeks for DaBaby was for something even worse. Police arrested him and took him to the station to question him about a robbery that took place by DaBaby himself, according to the alleged victim.

According to TMZ, the robbery in question happened earlier on January 2 when the rapper doused a man with apple juice, stole $80 from him, stole an iPhone from him, and took his credit card.

Rapper DaBaby
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Apparently, the victim in question was a concert promoter who allegedly owed DaBaby some money. According to reports, the promoter handed the rapper a $20 bill but DaBaby got angry and said the concert he was getting ready to perform at, in Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines, was $10,000 short.

He allegedly punched a man who was with the promoter in the face, robbed the promoter of the money and items, and threw apple juice all over him before the promoter got away and ran to his hotel room at the Novotel Miami Brickell with the man who the rapper punched fearing for their safety, the promoter told police.

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According to the police arrest report, DaBaby is arguing that this 'robbery' didn't even happen in the first place. His bond was set at $1,500.

What do you think happened two DaBaby during either incident? Do you think he was wrongly targeted by police in Charlotte? Do you think he was the person who robbed the concert promoter, punched his friend in the face, and doused the promoter with apple juice before the promoter got away? Or do you think both incidents are a set-up? Sound off with your opinion on both of these arrest incidents and let everyone know what your thoughts are!

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