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Jessie J leaves nothing to imagination during a performance as she rocks a print T-shirt and black panties on stage.

Jessie J Addresses Fans Who Believed Her Instagram Post Was About Her Ex!

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Jessie J does not want to be identified only by her failed relationship with Channing Tatum!

The singer and songwriter's breakup from Tatum was not only sudden, but heartbreaking for a lot of fans. However, since it happened, tabloids have missed no opportunity to stir the pot once in a while. This has almost become a norm, and now, J would like to address the rumors once and for all. Splitting from a partner can be difficult for some celebrities, so a breathing space is not too much to ask.

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Aside from her split from Tatum, J is also currently mourning the death of a close friend known as Dave. According to reports, Dave, who was a security guard committed suicide and left a lot of people in shock and sadness. December 2019 was his death anniversary, and it is evident that this experience has affected Jessie J. In one of her recent Instagram posts, Jessie J posted an emotional message. From her post, some fans could tell that she was taking her time to deal with the loss of her friend and many showed their love and support for the singer.

Jessie J looks adorable in multi-colored dress, and she looks like a damsel.
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Jessie J also appreciated people who felt alone in the world. She assured them that they were not alone and that they are stronger than they know. She also encouraged them to find the strength to be happy again. She also advised that people going through such an experience should talk to someone about it and get closure as soon as possible.

Some people may have concluded that Jessie J was on the verge of breaking down, but most of her fans understood that she was simply sending love to anyone who is sad out there.

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In her message, J did not mention her late friend's name, and some fans assumed the worst. They concluded that J was feeling dejected because of her split from Tatum, and the speculations spread like a burning bush.

Since her message preached about healing, some tabloids took advantage of it and alleged that J was having a difficult time getting over Tatum.

This did not sit well with the singer as she called it "misconstruction of words." She recently called out the outlet that fueled the rumors via Instagram.

Jessie J sings from the depth of her heart during a stage performance and she looks amazing.
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"Lying isn't journalism," she said.

Jessie J was obviously not happy with the way her statements were painted, but the damage had been done. Although the news outlet took down the post, thousands of people had already made several comments on the matter.

Some fans also came to her defense; saying that the singer's life does not have to revolve around her relationship with Tatum. It is sad that Jessie J has to go through this, and many celebrities have fallen victim in the past.

What would you do to heal when faced with a heart-breaking experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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