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Jessie J sings on stage holding a microphone in one hand and pointing her finger up with the other.

Jessie J's Instagram Post Is Not About Who You Think It Was

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By Natalie Hunter

Jessie J made an emotional post the other day that many assumed was about her b, reakup with Channing Tatum. However, according to [Perez Hilton Jessie revealed that she was honoring her best friend and former security guard.

Jessie and Tatum started dating in October 2018. The two were going strong for the past year going to each other's concerts and movie premieres and even moving in together. However, the couple split in November 2019 for reasons later revealed to be "priority differences."

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The Instagram post read, “Time. Time is the gift. Time is the fear. Time is the magic. Time is the memories. Time is the change. Time is the pain. Time is the healing. Zoom out. Go somewhere where your world feels and looks small. Gain perspective. Lay in the sea. Walk to the top of a mountain. Drive to view point in a park. Look up at the stars. This isn’t to make you feel like your problems or sadness or the feelings you feel are not valid but to know you are NEVER Alone. Billions of people around the world.“

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“Look inwards. Look outwards. Walk away from parts of yourself and people or situations that trigger parts of you that are unhealthy. Be honest. Sending LOVE to anyone who feels alone. We need you around. You are stronger than you know, and are capable of finding your happy time again. Talk to someone who can give you professional advice. Honour your pain to be heard by the right ears. It’s your TIME, so take your TIME ❤️ 1-800-273-8255 – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ✨,” she added.

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Fans and even entertainment publications grew concerned thinking Jessie J was emotional after her recent break up with Tatum.

“Nothing heals a broken heart better than time, and Jessie J knows alllll about it. After her split from #ChanningTatum, the songstress got real about heartbreak and healing in a candid Instagram post,” wrote the publication.

However, the "Bang Bang" singer was sure to confirm to fans that she is doing quite fine and that the post has nothing to do with the recent breakup.

Giphy | Jessie J

“The songstress got REAL about her best friend she lost this time last year. Lying isn’t journalism. They taught you that right?” Jessie J wrote in response to the headline.

While the post wasn't about Channing, he showed his support by writing three heart emojis on the comments section. This proves that as the former couple claims, they ended their relationship on good terms and still consider each other friends. Sending condolences to Jessie J during the anniversary of her friend's passing.

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