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Jake Paul and ex-lover, Tana Mongeau look amazing in sparkling red outfits as they give a stylish pose for the camera

YouTube Stars Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau are Taking A Marriage Break!

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Some people say that marriage is a beautiful thing, especially when you experience it with your best friend. For some people, marriage is a good experience, and for others, it isn't. Either way, the experience teaches you lifelong lessons that you would never forget.

There are a lot of celebrities who have talked about their difficulties in marriage and how they solved it. While some decided to stick together and find a solution, others, decided to take time apart. Whatever decision couples decide to make, the end result should be positive.

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These days, couples decide to take time apart for various reasons. One of it can be; to find themselves or work on themselves. Recently, a popular YouTube couple known as Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau who have been married for only six months, decided to take time apart. Now, this is coming as a shock to so many fans because the couple seemed to be in a good place since their marriage.

Let's find out more about this temporal split and why it is happening so early.

Jake Paul looks good looking in black long-sleeve shirt with pant to match
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In July 2019, fans were psyched to hear that Paul and Mongeau tied the knot in Las Vegas. Although the marriage was not binding legally, the couple looked so in love and beautiful. Now that the couple have decided to take time apart, there will be no divorce drama, as their marriage is not documented. However, fans want to know why barely seven months into their marriage, they have decided to be apart from one another.

The split was announced via Instagram by Mongeau, when she posted a selfie featuring Paul and their god.

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In her caption, Mongeau mentioned that she had no idea how to go about a break-up post, and doing it was weird for her, but that is decision she has made with Paul. She also said that they decided on the split to focus on their "crazy lives." She went on to say that she was grateful for meeting Jake, who turned out to be her best friend, and she would always love him.

In her message, Mongeau did not make mention of when the split will end as her message looked more like a farewell to her love life.

Jake Paul poses for the paparazzi in stylish red two-piece outfit and he looks fantastic
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Jake Paul responded to the breakup revelation in a weird way and this got fans on their toes. He mentioned that they sat next to each other drafting their break-up messages, and though it felt weird, they reflected on the past months together. They have also decided to split properties; Paul gets the dog, and Mongeau gets his Lamborghini.

The lovers seemed to take everything about the split as a joke, but fans can sense some seriousness in it.

Would you take a break from your partner jokingly six months after marriage? Let us know in the comment section below.

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