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Gabrielle Union smiles wearing a strapless green and brown dress

Unexpected Guest 'Drops a Deuce' in Gabrielle Union's Home

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire
By Natalie Hunter

Gabrielle Union hasn't had the easiest 2019 so naturally something super bizarre had to happen right at the end. An Uber driver that she let use her bathroom used it as an opportunity to "drop a deuce."

Union ended the year expressing her grievances against 'America's Got Talent.' The actress was booted after judging for only one season. She also accused the show of giving her notes about her appearance and claiming that her hairstyles were "too black" for their demographic.

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After using Uber on New Year's Eve, Union's driver asked if he could use her bathroom and left them a stinky surprise.

"Trying to be responsible & use UBER & our driver asked to use our bathroom 15-20 min later," Union tweeted that night, adding a nauseated emoji. "Dude dropped a deuce. Im pleased we clearly have a home & available reading material that screams 'Come in, get comfortable and drop the kids off at the pool' Welcome to 2020 folks."


Fans were quick to weigh in on the incident.

"As someone who used to drive for Uber in LA I appreciate you letting him use your bathroom. After a certain time finding places that are open and have a public [restroom] that you can use is really hard. So thanks for being so nice to your driver," one user replied.

Some found the situation amusing.

"What if this was his bucket list item, and it was the first thing he did to start the new year? A legend," one person wrote.

Giphy | BET Awards

"Come on, you have to admit, telling people the first thing you did in the new decade was drop a decade at D. Wade & Gabrielle's house is a major win for the next 10 years," someone else said jokingly.

"I mean, that is hilarious. A story for the ages," one Twitter user wrote.

Others didn't think the situation was so funny.

"You let that man in your house?? You guys are truly good Samaritans," 'To All The Boys' author, Jenny Han, added.

Giphy | FOX Teen Choice

"YOU LET HIM INTO YOUR HOME?! Y'all are way too nice!" someone else said.

Union also wrote on Instagram that 2019 "brought so many lessons, so many blessings There were blessings that were disguised as failures or humiliation and I am most grateful for those. I learned that in my quest to live my most authentic life, I've let my ego run point over my soul. I've been asking, praying, mediating that any opportunity, friendship, relationship (business or personal) person, experience, always centers my peace, my joy and my grace. Anything that comes my way that moves me away from being my most authentic self, is not for me," she wrote.

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