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Fans Are Still Roasting Post Malone After His Live NYE Tumble

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Ben Robinson III

One of the biggest musicians to come out of the last decade is tatted up lyricist Post Malone, who has been entertaining audiences with his songs since he first burst on the scene in the mid 2010's. Born Austin Richard Post in 1995 he has been heavily influenced by his father who was a DJ when he was younger. Malone was influenced by hip hop, country and rock music. These influences can be heard heavily in his music to this day.

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Many fans have been very interested in his music for quite some time. With his mellow style and down to earth nature it didn't take long for people to inquire about his first release, Stoney. Though he had released a viral hit called "White Iverson" his first album wasn't necessarily received with the same amount of love. This became painfully clear when the music website Pitchfork reviewed the album and, well, let's just say it wasn't exactly a love letter for Malone's first work.

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Post Malone (real name: Austin Post) is presenting his most authentic self here, talking openly about relationships and taking too many drugs and drinking a little too much, amidst numerous “we made it” anthems. But he’s simply not a compelling artist; he doesn’t say anything new about these struggles, doesn’t frame them in a particularly memorable way, and has nothing to say now that he’s wrestled with his fame.

But it wasn't all bad, as Pitchfork continued with their review;

What pushes Stoney past being merely forgettable and into a kind of cynical, punishing listen is the access to a bunch of producers and songwriters that came together behind the 21 year old to ensure a product so highly polished, and so clearly connect-the-dots, it robs him of any trace of charm.

Fast forward to a few albums later and Malone is still making his mark in the industry. But after a recent New Year's Eve performance people aren't talking about his skills.

Post Malone
via TMZ

According to TMZ Malone took a huge tumble during the annual Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Post was one of the many performances who jumped on stage in Time's Square as the countdown ticked off the last moments of the decade. What's unclear ... was Post already in the crowd when he lost his footing or did he flat-out fall off the stage? What is clear ... security had to help him up.

Fans reactions have ranged from supportive comments like "People are saying Post fell down during his NYE performance. Ummm let’s not forget that literally every person who comes across him also falls - in love with him." to hilarious like "Please tell me he fell on his vocal chords, and won’t be able to rap, again!". In any event Malone took the fall in stride and was able to get up and continue the celebration.

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