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'Friends' is No Longer on Netflix Leaving Fans Devastated

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By Natalie Hunter

While many people celebrated the start of a new year at midnight on January 1st, 2020, fans of 'Friends' mourned the loss of their favorite show. Netflix removed 'Friends' at 12:00 AM/PST promptly as reported by PopCulture.

Netflix announced earlier in the year that it would be removing the beloved 90's sitcom along with other fan favorites like 'The Office.' Even though fans had advanced notice, they still were devastated the second that the show was removed. Many fans spent New Year's Eve rewatching the series in honor.

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Fans took to twitter to express their outrage.

"Officially #Friends went out of viewing at 3:27am from @netflix . I binge watched till the end when it was suddenly interrupted by a preview of other show. Bye Friends! It's truly the end of an era," one fan tweeted solemnly.

"I don’t know why we’re acting like 2020 is going to be 'the year.' Honestly we’re already 0-1 because #Friends is no longer on Netflix," another fan mourned on the social media platform.

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"I’m over 2020 already. They ripped #Friends right off of #Netflix mid episode and this is the rudest way to start the new year," another fan chimed in.

"I'm absolutely crushed," added another 'Friends' fan. "There are days when I just need to turn on [Netflix] and binge some [Friends] while meal prepping just to 'de-stress'. Thank you [Netflix] for failing at life. Great job."

"[Friends] not being on [Netflix] is already the worst thing in 2020!!" wrote another disappointed Netflix subscriber.

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"[Netflix] why would you do this to us," asked one fan. "We need Friends. It was the show to turn on when going to bed or the fallback show when you couldn't find anything to watch. Friends is one of the best shows....ever."

Fans clearly do not approve of Netflix's decision. However, this won't be the last of 'Friends' on a streaming platform. 'Friends' will be moved to a new streaming platform HBO Max. HBO Max is set to launch in May 2020.

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People can subscribe to HBO Max for $14.99 a month at a rate a couple of dollars higher than Netflix. Along with HBO Max, Peacock, NBC's streaming platform, is set to launch in April 2020.

There are also rumors floating around of a 'Friends' reunion special in the works. 'Friends' stars Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox have hinted at the possibility of a 'Friends' reboot in the past. HBO Max officially announced that there would be a reunion in November.

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