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Andy Cohen (left) and Anderson Cooper (right) pose in the New York City streets

How Did Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Do as CNN New Year's Eve Hosts?

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Natalie Hunter

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper hosted CNN's New Year's Eve special together for the the third time in a row. While Cooper has experience hosting the special having done so since 2002 marking this as his 18th year. The 'Watch What Happens Live,' host took Kathy Griffin's place hosting the special. Griffin was removed after posting pictures holding a bloody Trump head. Despite it being their third go-around, viewers were thoroughly satisfied with the duo's antics and the special as a whole.

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Hilarity ensued when Cohen and Cooper decided to have a tequila shot. Cooper made a repulsed face and started panicking as reported by PopCulture.

"I'm just trying to breathe," Cooper declared after downing the tequila shot. Fans couldn't get enough of the moment.

"Seriously thrilled I caught @andersoncooper's first tequila shot reaction during him and @Andy ‘s #CNNNYE," 'Below Deck's Kate Chastain tweeted.

"Anderson Cooper completely losing his composure and enduring his shots just as well as last NYE is energy I needed to crawl into this next decade," one viewer tweeted.


"Watching the [CNNNYE] replay, just for the sole purpose of watching [Anderson Cooper's] reaction after every shot he takes!" second fan added.

"LOL, Anderson Cooper is so adorable. The faces he makes when he drinks a shot of alcohol, is hilarious," a third viewer tweeted.

Fans also couldn't get enough of the shade Cooper's mom threw at Griffin.

"My mom, at age — at this point — 93, turns to me and says to me," started but then stopped and asked, "Can I say this?"


"I don't know if you can say that word, but just say it," Cohen responds.

"I don't know what the rules are. She goes ...I don't know. Can we?" Cooper nervously ponders.

"She turned to Anderson and said, 'He's not going to ask me who has the biggest bleep of anyone I've ever been with, right?'" Cohen said trying to put it lightly and censor. However, Cooper decided to bite the bullet and reveal the whole convo with the expletive and all.


"No, it was ... She turns to be out of the blue and goes 'He's not going to ask me who has the biggest c— in Hollywood, is he?" Cooper said, uncensored. "That's what she asked."

Overall, Cooper and Cohen's third CNN New Year's Eve was a success.

"His little giggle at the end sends meeeee," one fan tweeted.

"They are my favorite part of the NYE program," a second wrote.

"I love it [because] @CNN just lets them do what they want to do," a third chimed in.

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