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Salma Hayek looks dazzling in this black jumpsuit, and black heels to match as she waves to her fans.

Salma Hayek Reveals That She Breastfed A Child That Wasn't Hers For A Moment

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez
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Salma Hayek is a funny character on the screens, and fans love her strength and bravery as an actress. She is also not one to shy away from things that she wants to engage in. On-screen and off screen, fans love Hayek because she brings a fresh and beautiful meaning to the world of motherhood. Recently, the actress revealed that she was in a desperate situation, and her first instinct, was to breastfeed a child that wasn't even hers to begin with.

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Usually, mothers have the habit of acting on impulse especially when it involves new born babies. In some cases, a mother will be moved to act or save a child that isn't hers because she is a mom. Some people say that being a mom is one of the trickiest jobs on earth because you feel a lot of things at a time. Sometimes, these feelings may lead you to make instant decisions that you did not think through. This is what mothers do, and we are proud of all the mothers out there.

Salma Hayek has a weird look on her face as the paparazzi captures her during a speech.
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Hearing that Salma Hayek grabbed another woman's child to breastfeed it, may be shocking, but it did happen. What you may also be shocked about is that this incident happened in the presence of a lot of people.

Hayek attended an annual ball hosted by UNICEF in 2018, and there, she revealed her adventurous trip to an African country, Sierra Leone in 2010. As she told the story, many eyes were on the actress, but she did not flinch in any way.


According to the actress, a 15-year-old girl came to her, begging that she needed milk for the child. Hayek was feeling bad because the humanitarian organization had brought a lot of things on the trip, save for milk. However, Hayek realized that she had fresh milk because she had recently weaned her daughter, Valentina. The only thought she had at that moment, was to give that child milk at all cost, and you would not believe what she did next!

Salma Hayek sports a beautiful blue dress with gold designs, and a gold heel sandals to match.
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The amazing actress immediately took a seat, carried the baby in her arms and breastfed him. According to her, the baby's eyes lit up at the taste of breast milk, and his tears seized.

Usually, a kind act like this from the actress would have made the tabloids immediately, but Hayek's publicist requested that the photo should not be published. However, many years later, the actress gave her consent for the picture to be used in a promotion project that centered on breastfeeding in Africa.

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