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Madonna stuns in a pirate outfit as she renders a beautiful performance

Madonna Is Grateful For The New Year After Two Injuries In 2019

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By Favour

Madonna has remained one of the most decorated and loved singers in the world, and she never lets bad experiences bring her back. In other words, she is not one to shy away after facing major setbacks in her life. Every year, artistes face pressure from their fans, record labels and even spouses. Most times, they have to juggle responsibilities at the same time, and other times, they have to take things one step at a time. This is the life that most celebrities live and that is why fans applaud them for their strength and bravery.

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One artist who had to face challenges in 2019, was Madonna, as she faced excruciating pain from two major injuries. However, on New Year's eve, the singer took to her Instagram page to share a lovely video of herself and her caption had fans talking. According to the singer, she is in pain from two injuries, but that is not going to stop her from grooving into the New Year. In the video, the 61-year-old showed her amazing dance skills on the beach, and she looked excited to start in 2020.

The beautiful Madonna
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The Queen of Pop also went on to say that she does not regret having the injuries as one major lesson 2019 taught her, is to not cry over spilled milk. She also went on to say that everything about life is a journey, and the lessons 2019 taught her was for her to reflect and become a better person.

Aside from the bad things that happened in the last year to Madonna, the singer is also grateful for a lot of things and people in her life. Although she may not have explicitly mentioned it, Madonna recently began an amazing relationship with one of her back-up dancers known as Ahlamalik Williams.


Aside from that, the singer also revealed that she is grateful for the beautiful memories 2019 gave to her, as she does not take it for granted.

Fans got to know that Madonna was in a bad place after she ha;ted her "Madame X" tour. She later revealed that her doctors had given her explicit instructions to refrain from any vigorous work as she was in deep pain. This news was hurtful for a lot of fans who were looking forward to the tour, but they were more hurt because Madonna was on a sick bed.


Madonna is a strong woman who does not hesitate to bring her competitive side to the table. She has been a relevant and fantastic singer in the industry and has made a name for herself. The previous year may not have been one of the best for the singer, but fans are happy that she is looking forward to a positive New Year. The year has just begun, so it is safe to say that many amazing things will still happen to the singer.

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