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Fans Are Concerned About Mariah Carey's Twitter Account

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Natalie Hunter

While Mariah Carey wasn't present to perform at 'Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve,' she still was a trending topic that day. Carey's twitter account was hacked around 3:30 PM PT on New Year's Ever. According to Variety, the hacker tweeted over 50 tweets. Many suspect that it was the same hacking group behind the hacking of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the Chuckling Group. Dorsey account was hacked through a method called SIM-swapping which allows hackers access to personal phone numbers.

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Among the 50 plus tweets, the hacker tweeted many offensive statements involving the n word. Twenty minutes after the hack started, the account posted a picture of a shirtless teenager with the caption “xbox n—-s.”

The hacker also addressed the feud between Nick Cannon and Eminem. Nick Cannon, Mariah's ex-husband, had challenged Eminem to a rap battle after a nearly decade long feud. He also dissed Eminem in a rap song titled 'The Invitation.' Fans have been slamming Nick Cannon since.


The account tweeted statements like "Eminem has a little penis" and retweeting an account that tweeted "Eminem's daughter can hold his dick."

The hacker also targeted Kadeem tweeting, "kadeem needs an egirl."

Other tweets were spam tweets asking Carey's followers to follow random accounts.

"How did Mariah Carey let the hacking go on for so long?" some fans may ask. Supposedly the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was napping during the hacking.

"I take a freaking nap and this happens?" the pop star tweeted.

Giphy | Mariah Carey

Many fans found the hacking situation amusing even claiming it was the best way to end 2020.

"Mariah Carey’s account tweeting 'Eminem has a little penis' was the official end of 2019 😂," one fan tweeted.

"Can whoever hacked Mariah Carey’s Twitter also hack her bank account and give me 10,000,000 dollars? 🙏," another joked.

"My decade started with Mariah Carey getting hacked, which I guess wasn’t too bad 🎉😅 Happy she got it back, though!" one fan tweeted supportively.

"Have we ever considered that #NewYearsEve just isn't @MariahCarey's day?" another added.


Others had their own accusations as to who the hacker was.

"I know Mariah Carey was hacked, but I also feel like she’s been waiting to say this for years," Frederick Joseph tweeted along with a picture of the "Eminem has a little penis" tweet.

"camila cabello after hacking mariah carey’s twitter so she wouldn’t be called racist anymore," a fan tweeted along with a video.


"#Rihanna hacking #mariahcarey to try and distract us from her not releasing #r9," one user tweeted.

"so we really gonna end this decade with Mariah Carey being hacked by JLO? oh wow," another tweeter joked.

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