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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton Discusses Gwen Stefani's Newfound Love for Country

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By Joe Allen

Now that they've released a hit song together, it seems that Blake Shelton may have turned the corner on Gwen Stefani's musical taste. The two are one of the biggest couples in the music industry today and seem to be consistently supportive of each other's careers.

Recently, Shelton explained that Stefani had come around to Shelton's preferred genre — country music. After a childhood in California where she was starved of it, the singer has started to appreciate it more now that she's dating Shelton.

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In an interview with Fox News in mid-December, Shelton said that Stefani had "fallen in love" with country music and that it was basically all she listens to now. Shelton didn't want to take all the credit for Stefani's newly acquired taste.

Instead, he suggested that her appreciation came in part from simply being exposed to the music in a way she'd never been before. Apparently, all she needed was to be around it more in order for it to resonate.

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Shelton was also frank about the positive impact that Stefani has had on him, helping him to increase his faith. Their relationship seems to be incredibly positive for them both.

Their romance started after Stefani joined "The Voice" as a judge in 2014. It was on the show that the two bonded over their recent divorces. By late 2015, rumors had started that the two were dating, and they made their first red carpet appearance together in the early part of 2016.

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The two have been together ever since, and have continued to grow and evolve as a couple. Apparently, Shelton has become close to Stefani's three children. He's become ingratiated with the family.

Although the two are not yet engaged, many have speculated that marriage could come knocking before too long. Prior to her recent exposure to country, many of Stefani's favorite artists came from the world of alt-rock. That makes sense, given Stefani's origin as the lead singer for the band No Doubt.

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Stefani's music also blends '80s popular music with elements of reggae and ska. Reportedly, some of her favorite artists include Radiohead, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Fishbone. These aren't really all that close to your average country artists.

Even so, it seems that the singer has fairly broad taste. Just because you like one kind of music doesn't mean you have to hate others. Stefani can like country and alt-rock, and she can live in both of those worlds at the same time.

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