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Former 'Southern Charm' Bad Boy, Thomas Ravenel, Dishes on Child Custody Case with Kathryn Dennis

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By Zachary Holt

It's fair to say that Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have had quite the tumultuous relationship, both on the show and off.

Overall the last several years, viewers have had a chance to personally witness the chaos on the Charleston, South Carolina based Bravo show.

After citing irreconcilable differences, the two split and Kathyrn had maintained primary custody of their children. To make matters worse for Ravenel, he was dealing with allegations of sexual abuse of their nanny, which was ultimately settled in court, as well as, resulted in Ravenel paying a fine and spending 30 days in jail.

The charges led to his dismissal from Southern Charm, a show which he believes continued to contribute unfairly to obtaining custody rights.

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Ravenel Claims Souther Charm Paints Him in Bad Light

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For Ravenel, he believed that the show, Southern Charm, was painting him in a bad light, making it seem as though he wasn't grounded enough to logically have custody rights for their children.

In court documents, he states, "It amplified my past notoriety, showcased my wealth I accumulated through decades of hard work, and made me a walking target for men and women eager to get in front of the camera. Most importantly, it caused embarrassment and pain to my parents, my sisters, and my children."

And it wasn't just that the show used his past notoriety to drive viewership. Ravenel cited that the producers and show tried to channel bad blood between himself and Kathryn, making them both look irresponsible.

Southern Charm Encouraged Ravenel to Drink?

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"Southern Charm producers sought to elicit entertaining storylines in a variety of ways, including encouraging participants to participate in public and private gatherings in which alcohol and other intoxicants were in copious supply," the former castmember claimed.

"Numerous story lines revolved around the show’s stars, including Kathryn and me, being or appearing to be intoxicated."

It is for these reasons that Ravenel and his legal representation were attempting to put a gag order on the show and Dennis so that his sexual assault details could not be discussed for public consumption.

Child Custody Battle Finally Over between Ravenel and Dennis

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At the end of the day, though, Dennis and Ravenel were able to settle on their child custody battle, with Dennis posting to her Twitter page to make the announcement.

"Just want to let my fans hear from me officially that Thomas and I have resolved all matters related to our children. I believe that this joint custody arrangement is in our children’s best interests. Happy to move forward. Thank y’all for all of your patience, support & love -kd," she wrote.

While Ravenel and Dennis have settled their disputes, Ravenel has claimed that he has continually been asked to return to the show, a notion that would be highly controversial in nature, were it to happen.

Ravenel Claims He's Turned Down Return Role Twice

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It was recently reported that Bravo was looking for a replacement for Ravenel, especially someone who could evoke the same 'bad boy' drama that the show was now missing. It's possible that the show could be canceled should the viewership not increase drastically.

With that being said, it's still unlikely that Ravenel would return to the show given the grievances that both have against each other. But he still claims that he's turned down the role to return at least two times.

The main reason he has chosen to decline a return stems from an intervention that his family had with him. "My family did an intervention (I’m the youngest of 6 children) and said that they’d disown me if I ever did another episode," he shared.

While it appears Ravenel's role on Southern Charm is over, it's also nice to see the vicious child custody between Dennis and himself has also come to an end.

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