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Kate Chastain Shares Details On Why She Felt Unsafe On A Boat

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Kate Chastain from "Below Deck," gets into an altercation with Ashton Pienaar and this leads to her getting of the boat. Initially, the duo were not at odds with each other, but according to reports, Pienaar was showing some signs of an aggressive nature, and Chastain said she was scared for her life. After making her way off the boat, she mentioned to the producers of the show, that she wanted the cameras off her. It was not up to 24 hours that they started shooting, and Chastain was already gone.

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After she left, the crew members and a Captain known as Lee Rosbach had no idea what to do, as they could no longer continue with the shooting process. They were also worried about Chastain because she left abruptly without saying anything.

It was revealed that Rosbach was not present when the altercation began, so he was a bit annoyed that no one told him about it. The next day, the American actress showed up again with a fresh face, and things went smoothly.

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When asked why she left the boat without saying anything to anyone, Chastain revealed that she was scared and to her, the only way she could remain safe, was to leave. Explaining her ordeal with the crew members, Chastain said that many of them were drunk after a night out together, so they hopped into a van and rode home. However, Pienaar became touchy in the vehicle when Chastain talked to him about his mother and asked questions. According to Chastain, his immediate response was giving the side van a loud punch.

Kate Chastain and a Captain from Below Deck, are having a conversation on the boat, and they look excited
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To keep him from injuring himself and any other person in the van, a chef known as Kevin Dobson and Tanner Sterback held his hands immediately. After a while, everything was back to normal, but this was just the beginning. Later on, while Chastain and Pienaar were hanging out in the crew's mess, they got into a heated argument again. According to reports, Pienaar accused Chastain of getting preferential treatment and was too close to her face at that moment.

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When this happened, Chastain made up her mind to leave Valor. a deckhand, known as Rhylee Gerber told her to talk to Captain Rosbach first, so he could solve the issue, but she declined. In a tweet, the television star said that she had no choice but to leave immediately as she no longer felt safe.

She also mentioned that she has learned that when someone gets violent or aggressive, the best thing to do, is to let them be immediate.

How do you protect yourself from a violent person? Tell us in the comment section below.

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